My Style Series : Cozy Cottage

My Style Series : Cozy Cottage

So, yesterday I shared my super dirty, cluttered basement with you.  Sorry I was a bit dramatic about it, but I had had enough and I just couldn’t handle it anymore!  Now that the scariness of sharing that awful space is over, I’d like to share some inspiration for the room.  These photos really feel “cottage-y” to me.  I can tell more and more as I figure out my design likes and dislikes that I’m really leaning toward the cottage look.  It just gets me every time!  :)

My Style Series : Cozy Cottage  [...]

My Style Series : Industrial

Industrial Style Inspiration

I have always had an eclectic style and haven’t really been able to identify with just one look.  Whether it be with the furniture I paint or decorating my house, I just can’t stick to one look.  I enjoy so many aspects of different styles that I feel like I need a little of everything to make […]

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