My Practically Free Dining Room Cabinet

Artissimo navy blue painted corner cabinetIt’s funny.  When we lived in Ludington, the city had a yearly trash day where you could put your large items out on the street and they’d pick them up.  You had to wait all year because they wouldn’t take that large of trash just any day.  So, on that one day every year, there were a bunch of people around town trying to get rid of all this big stuff that had taken up precious space in their homes. And then there were the pickers and scrappers that would go digging through  Read More

Blue Polka Dot Upholstered Sofa

Blue Ikat Dots Sunshine fabric on vintage upholstered sofaThis post is sponsored by, but all ideas and opinions are my own. I’m ashamed to admit it, but this project has taken me almost two years to complete!  This upholstered sofa wasn’t upholstered when I bought it.  It was just the shell.  I bought the whole set – this loveseat/sofa, a glider, and an ottoman for $40 on Craigslist and thought for sure I’d figure out how to make cushions for them.  Yeah, and then they sat in my basement for almost two years! I had originally planned to do a different  Read More

Tea Towels and Random Sunday Afternoon Ramblings

Tea towel displayMy husband, our oldest daughter, and I moved from the west side of Michigan to a suburb about 20 minutes west of Detroit almost exactly two years ago.  We were so excited to move here because our last home didn’t fit us at all.  We lived in a very touristy town and it was only busy for about 3 months of the year.  We had a grocery store, Lowe’s, Home Depot…but there wasn’t a Target for an hour!  I mean, hello!  I NEED Target in my life!  Haha!  It certainly was beautiful where we lived, but it just wasn’t for us.  We needed more to do! Tea towels and pumpkins  #fall So we decided to be all crazy and move across the state.  While our friends and family supported our decision …  [Click Here to Read More]

Tufted Cane Chair Tutorial : How to Take it Apart

How to Reupholster a Cane Chair with Tufted BackYesterday I posted my tufted cane chair makeover, did you see it?  It’s definitely one of my favorite projects thus far! Since I have very little upholstery experience, this project was a little daunting at first.  It’s a big project and the whole tutorial is a bit long, so I thought I’d split it up into two posts – how to take it apart and how to put it back together! Tufted Cane Chair Tutorial - Part 1: How to Take it Apart Today I’m sharing how to take the chair apart and prep it for upholstery. . . [Click Here to Read More]

A Day at the Flea Market with The Lily Pad Cottage

The Golden Sycamore: A Day at the Flea MarketOver Memorial Day weekend I got to spend time with one of my favorite bloggers, Kelly, from The Lily Pad Cottage.  Kelly and I met a few times back in high school and reconnected when we found each other’s blogs online several months ago. It was so fun finally getting to spend some time with her after “knowing” her all these years! . . . Kelly is posting her take on our flea market adventure today, too, so be sure to stop over to her blog and check it out! Kelly and I arrived at  Read More

Lucketts Spring Market – Part 5 – My Finds

The Golden Sycamore: Lucketts Spring MarketOk, so remember way back when I promised I’d share my Lucketts Spring Market finds?  Well, it’s finally time!  I finally got around to getting my pictures from my camera to my computer to share with you! I couldn’t buy large pieces at Lucketts because I had to fit my finds into my suitcase, so the things I purchased are fairly small.  But I love each one of them – not only for what they are, but also for the memories they conjure up when I look at them! . . . I  Read More

My Style Series : Industrial

Industrial Style InspirationI have always had an eclectic style and haven’t really been able to identify with just one look.  Whether it be with the furniture I paint or decorating my house, I just can’t stick to one look.  I enjoy so many aspects of different styles that I feel like I need a little of everything to make me happy!  😉 One style I’ve really been identifying with lately is the industrial look.  I am in LOVE with wire baskets and any form of rustic or weathered wood mixed with metal.  Just ask my husband…I’m a  Read More

Vintage Secretary : The Perfect Addition to Our Living Room

Vintage SecretaryThis vintage secretary found a perfect place in our home.  We have a very bare wall between our front door and the large picture window in our living room that I haven’t been able to figure out what to do with.  While I was finishing up this piece I started envisioning it there and just knew it would work.  I’m so happy it did.  It is the perfect addition to our living room! This secretary has been sitting in my basement since I picked it up from an estate sale this past summer.  Read More

DIY Chalkboard

I have been SO busy this past week!  My daughter and I were at church all week for VBS, we had company over for dinner on Tuesday night, and I had two appointments during the week!  Needless to say…we’re tired!  Especially my daughter! I finished up this chalkboard last week, but I finally had some time today to sit down at the computer and write up the blog post!   I found this frame at a garage sale.  It was originally a mirror, but once I cleaned it up, I noticed a small scratch.  Read More

My very first flea market adventure

We’re in Minnesota this week spending time with my husband’s aunt and uncle on their 90 acre sheep farm, but I wanted to stop over and share my very first trip to the flea market with you all.  On Memorial Day weekend, I went to a flea market on the west side of the state with my daughter and my in-laws.  Although the temperature was somewhere in the low 90s that day, we had a great time and I found some fun pieces.Here are a couple shots of the market.  It was absolutely  Read More