Fall Leaf Embroidered Pillow

Fall leaf embroidered pillow cover

I started thinking about this embroidered pillow last week.  I was lying in bed, trying to rest while the kids napped, and the idea just popped into my head!  So, I got out of bed, headed downstairs to my computer, and started looking for the perfect leaf. I thought it would be a pretty simple […]

My Practically Free Dining Room Cabinet

Artissimo navy blue painted corner cabinet

It’s funny.  When we lived in Ludington, the city had a yearly trash day where you could put your large items out on the street and they’d pick them up.  You had to wait all year because they wouldn’t take that large of trash just any day.  So, on that one day every year, there […]

Ikea Bathroom Vanity : Update on the Update

Ikea bathroom vanity update

If you’ll remember back with me for a minute, you may recall me doing an Ikea bathroom vanity update.  Oh yes, I did do one of those, didn’t I?  Hmmm, then why am I doing another one that looks suspiciously similar to the first one?  In short, I just didn’t like it!   I’ve been […]

Taking our Wood Plank Wall in a Different Direction

Custom blue milk painted wood wall

I wouldn’t have shared my new wood plank wall with you the other day if I had known I’d be painting is so soon!  The original plan was to spray it white along with all the trim when we got around to installing that.  But plans changed.  Surprise, surprise! The other day I was perusing pinterest and I […]

Milk Painted TV Console

Milk painted white and gray tv console

It took me three years, but I finally have my painted tv console. My husband wouldn’t let me paint it at first, but after a little accident, I finally got to update it! I actually agreed with his reasoning, though.  We spent a lot of money on it when we bought it several years ago. […]

Installing our Sliding Bathroom Door

Black painted sliding door track

Yesterday I shared the beginnings of my little office nook in the basement.  I’m so excited with how it’s turning out so far.  It’s fun to finally be to the stage of the renovation where we get to add personality to our blank room. The next way we’re adding personality to the room is with this […]

Basement Office Nook Beginnings

Wood plank wall in office nook

You know when you’re trying to design a space and you have a million and one ah-maz-ing ideas for it and all of them work because you have the perfect room with beautiful natural light, gorgeously tall ceilings, fabulous architectural details, and plenty of space? Yeah, me neither! Seriously though.  Every time the hubs and I […]

Summer Entryway Decorating

Beautiful casual summer entryway decor

This is not real life. As much as I wish it were, it’s just not. This would just never work in my home … well, not at this stage in my life, anyway.  The kids would totally tear it apart – especially my 15 month old!  Anything breakable stays far away from that girl! She […]

Big Girl Bedroom Makeover

Big Girl Bedroom Reveal : Whimsy & Sophistication

Almost 3 years after moving into our house, our daughter’s big girl bedroom is finally complete.  Sure, she’s only 3 (almost 4!), but she still kinda qualifies as a big girl, right?  We started on this room immediately after we closed on the house.  It began with rust colored shag carpet that was probably original to […]

White Painted Ceilings and Drywall in the Basement

Basement progress : White painted ceilings and drywall is up!

I can’t believe I’m finally sharing these photos with you guys!  I know, the basement isn’t near done, but guys, there are white ceilings!!  AND all the drywall is up!  Whoop!! Can we just take a moment to let this sink in?! When we decided to put a playroom/bonus room in the basement, taking out […]

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