A Little Christmas Randomness!

Cedar greenery in vintage white pitchers - thegoldensycamore.comWhen I put together my Christmas tour, I felt a little strapped for time and therefore a little stressed and less creative.  I feel like I made the best of it and it turned out just fine, but I just wasn’t “feeling it”. After my tour went live, I felt like I could finally relax.  I was done with all the hard work.  It was time to enjoy it.  And sleep! I’m pretty much done with actual decorating for Christmas.  But in the past few days I’ve had a jolt of creativity here  Read More

2014 Christmas Home Tour

Rustic Christmas tree in living room via www.thegoldensycamore.comI’m so excited to be sharing my Christmas home tour with you today!  And doubly excited to be the surprise house for today on Jennifer Rizzo’s holiday housewalk!  This year’s tour is packed with gorgeous homes.  Just take a look at At the Picket Fence’s tour!  Just beautiful! Alright, now on to my home tour!  Let’s start in the living room, shall we?! Our living room is where we spend most of our time. I went pretty simple with our Christmas decor this year.  Mostly because I have two little girls and three pets  Read More

DIY Rustic Christmas Tree Stand Box

Christmas tree stand box is a great alternative to a tree skirtIt’s starting to get Christmasy around here!  I still can’t believe my tree is up already!  Unfortunately, we had to buy a new one this year.  I was sad to see our old one go since my husband and I have had it since our first Christmas together.  But it bit the dust and it was time for a new one. We have a certain problem every year, though, regardless of the tree.  You see, we have two cats who always seem to want to defile our tree skirt every single year.  It’s like it’s  Read More

Rustic Christmas Decor Preview

rustic-christmas-decor-from-balsam-hill-550x300Okay, so I fully realize it’s not even Halloween yet, but I had to share my Christmas goodies that just arrived from Balsam Hill!  I’m going with a rustic/woodsy theme this year, and these pieces fit in perfectly! I can’t get over how gorgeous these wreaths are!  I bought two of the 26″ Vermont White Spruce wreaths and I couldn’t be happier with them!  They are so full and real looking!  And the quality is amazing!  I can see myself using these for years to come!  Now I just need to decide where  Read More

Rustic Office Nook Progress

small-office-nook-tucked-next-to-stairs-with-butcher-block-desk-and-plank-wall-550x300Our basement office nook is finally coming together!  It’s starting to feel like a real space and I couldn’t be more excited!  The latest progress is the addition of the built in desk and shelves.  Oh, and the wall is still blue, but it’s a bit darker now.  I’ll get to that! My husband gets most of the credit for the desk and shelves.  I think we came up with the general idea together way back when we were starting to plan the space, but when it came time to design it, he was  Read More

Fall Home Tour – Bonus Room

Fall basement living roomI finally have a bonus room!  Okay, it’s not actually finished.  We still need trim on the top and bottom of the walls, a tv and console, closet doors, shelves installed in my office nook, a total makeover of the stairs, and doors to close the room off from the storage side of the basement.  See, not really done.  But the fact that it’s semi-liveable has me in the mood to add it to my fall home tour and decorate it anyway!   If you’re visiting from Setting for Four, welcome!  I’m so  Read More

Fall Home Tour – Dining Room

Rustic fall dining roomI’m back today with another great group of bloggers for even more fall home inspiration! Today is part two of my fall home tour.  Yesterday I shared my entryway and living room and today I’m on to the dining room! I kept the dining room fairly simple.  I left my freshly painted corner cabinet mostly the same, with a few fall touches.  I went super simple and inexpensive with my table, too. I don’t like to spend a ton of money on table linens and decor because we really don’t use it all dressed  Read More

Fall Home Tour Part 1 – Entryway & Living Room

Cozy fall decor with oranges and bluesI couldn’t wait to decorate my house for fall.  It’s my favorite season and it seriously can never get here fast enough.  So, when I was asked to participate in “An Autumn Welcome” fall home tour series with some of my favorite bloggers, I jumped at the chance! This year, I started decorating in the entryway.  I wasn’t really planning on decorating the entryway this way, it kind of just progressed over time.  That really is my favorite way to decorate.  Even though I tend to want everything to look perfect right now, it  Read More

DIY Paneled Sliding Door

How to updated your plain door into a sliding paneled doorSo, a couple weeks ago I showed you our basement sliding door.  It was pretty boring, I know, but I knew it would be a while for us to figure out what we wanted to do with it and I wanted to show you where we were at the time. And now I get to show you a little before and after, which makes me happy!   Okay, so here is how the door looks now!  I am so happy with the bright white!  It really looks clean and crisp! Here is what  Read More

Fall Leaf Embroidered Pillow

Fall leaf embroidered pillow coverI started thinking about this embroidered pillow last week.  I was lying in bed, trying to rest while the kids napped, and the idea just popped into my head!  So, I got out of bed, headed downstairs to my computer, and started looking for the perfect leaf. I thought it would be a pretty simple project.  Maybe a few hours and I’d be done.  I could finish it that night and take pictures of it in the morning and I’d be good to go! Well, not so much.  It really was a pretty simple  Read More