Rustic Office Nook Progress

Small office nook tucked next to stairs with butcher block desk and plank wall

Our basement office nook is finally coming together!  It’s starting to feel like a real space and I couldn’t be more excited!  The latest progress is the addition of the built in desk and shelves.  Oh, and the wall is still blue, but it’s a bit darker now.  I’ll get to that! My husband gets most […]

Fall Home Tour – Bonus Room

Fall basement living room

I finally have a bonus room!  Okay, it’s not actually finished.  We still need trim on the top and bottom of the walls, a tv and console, closet doors, shelves installed in my office nook, a total makeover of the stairs, and doors to close the room off from the storage side of the basement. […]

Fall Home Tour – Dining Room

Rustic fall dining room

I’m back today with another great group of bloggers for even more fall home inspiration! Today is part two of my fall home tour.  Yesterday I shared my entryway and living room and today I’m on to the dining room! I kept the dining room fairly simple.  I left my freshly painted corner cabinet mostly the […]

Fall Home Tour Part 1 – Entryway & Living Room

Cozy fall decor with oranges and blues

I couldn’t wait to decorate my house for fall.  It’s my favorite season and it seriously can never get here fast enough.  So, when I was asked to participate in “An Autumn Welcome” fall home tour series with some of my favorite bloggers, I jumped at the chance! This year, I started decorating in the […]

DIY Paneled Sliding Door

How to updated your plain door into a sliding paneled door

So, a couple weeks ago I showed you our basement sliding door.  It was pretty boring, I know, but I knew it would be a while for us to figure out what we wanted to do with it and I wanted to show you where we were at the time. And now I get to […]

Fall Leaf Embroidered Pillow

Fall leaf embroidered pillow cover

I started thinking about this embroidered pillow last week.  I was lying in bed, trying to rest while the kids napped, and the idea just popped into my head!  So, I got out of bed, headed downstairs to my computer, and started looking for the perfect leaf. I thought it would be a pretty simple […]

My Practically Free Dining Room Cabinet

Artissimo navy blue painted corner cabinet

It’s funny.  When we lived in Ludington, the city had a yearly trash day where you could put your large items out on the street and they’d pick them up.  You had to wait all year because they wouldn’t take that large of trash just any day.  So, on that one day every year, there […]

Ikea Bathroom Vanity : Update on the Update

Ikea bathroom vanity update

If you’ll remember back with me for a minute, you may recall me doing an Ikea bathroom vanity update.  Oh yes, I did do one of those, didn’t I?  Hmmm, then why am I doing another one that looks suspiciously similar to the first one?  In short, I just didn’t like it!   I’ve been […]

Taking our Wood Plank Wall in a Different Direction

Custom blue milk painted wood wall

I wouldn’t have shared my new wood plank wall with you the other day if I had known I’d be painting is so soon!  The original plan was to spray it white along with all the trim when we got around to installing that.  But plans changed.  Surprise, surprise! The other day I was perusing pinterest and I […]

Milk Painted TV Console

Milk painted white and gray tv console

It took me three years, but I finally have my painted tv console. My husband wouldn’t let me paint it at first, but after a little accident, I finally got to update it! I actually agreed with his reasoning, though.  We spent a lot of money on it when we bought it several years ago. […]

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