Lowe’s Bathroom Makeover – Reveal

Disclaimer: I received compensation from Lowe’s to bring you this post. All opinions & photography are 100% my own and are not influenced by Lowe’s Home Improvement. 

Wow!  What a fun, intense, and rewarding weekend!  I just got home from working on my Lowe’s spring makeover project and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the whole process!

Lowe's Spring Bathroom Makeover

I was so excited when I found out that I got the Detroit location from the Lowe’s Spring Makeover Blitz city list!  As much as I love traveling, I really wanted to be able to help a local family (I live in the Detroit suburbs)!  

My husband and I showed up Saturday morning to what we thought was going to be a beautiful day (no, we didn’t check the weather before we left our house, but more on that later).  We walked in the house where our makeover was located and I immediately could tell that this whole thing was meant to be.  Debbie – whose house we were working on – has such a similar style to mine, but even more so to the design I had thought up for her!  My mind was set at ease and I was ready to get started!

Here’s what we started with. This is the full bathroom off the master bedroom.  Debbie and her 8 year old daughter, Kennedy, both use this bathroom and just really wanted more of an oasis than what it was currently providing. With a bland paint color, no shower curtain, a broken vanity, and outdated fixtures, this room was ready for a makeover.  I loved the possibilities this bathroom had even with all of that going on.  I saw it as a blank canvas.

Lowe's Spring Bathroom Makeover - before Lowe's Spring Bathroom Makeover - before

The first day of our makeover was filled with demo and prepping.  Lots and lots of prepping.  Since I couldn’t find the exact pieces I wanted in the short time frame we had, I chose a wall cabinet and vanity that had to be painted.  But if you follow my blog at all, you know that’s not a problem, right?  I chose the pieces based on their size, shape, and overall aesthetic (which I loved!) and made them fit my design by painting them.  I will note that we had to do a little sanding, and then a little more sanding, and then had to wipe down the vanity with warm, soapy water, and then were very delicate and persistent about applying the paint to get it to stick.  When you paint pre-finished pieces like that, it’s just something that happens sometimes.  My Lowe’s volunteers killed it, though, and worked so hard on getting me the look I was after.  And can I just note that it was so hard to watch other people paint?  Who knew I loved painting so much?!  I do so much of it on my own on a daily basis, I’m not used to having help!  But I’m so glad I had so many great helpers because there’s no way I could have gotten this all done without my amazing Lowe’s volunteers!  I had no idea what to expect going into this, but we got a great group that had a broad spectrum of knowledge that really helped with all the little projects we had!

Lowe's Spring Bathroom Makeover Lowe's Spring Bathroom Makeover Lowe's Spring Bathroom Makeover

Day two was filled with getting lots of stuff done.  We installed pretty much everything on day two.  This took just as much teamwork as day one as we had a ton of things to do.  There were often 3-5 people in the bathroom at once all working on something different.  We installed the board & batten, and worked on caulking, sanding, painting, installing the faucet and toilet…and lots more painting!  My team rocked at jumping in wherever they were needed.

Lowe's Spring Bathroom Makeover Lowe's Spring Bathroom Makeover Lowe's Spring Bathroom Makeover Lowe's Spring Bathroom Makeover

For a big impact and to really give the room some dimension, we installed board and batten around the entire room.  This was one of the most time-consuming projects, but for sure the most impactful.  The board and batten really made the room pop.  It gave it that crisp, clean, cottage look I was going for.  We framed out the window and a plain mirror to pull the whole look together.  Of course, that meant that 8 thousand or so boards needed to be primed before we even started installing them.  No big deal, we’d just work on them (and the vanity and wall cabinet) on this bright, beautiful day, right?  Well, remember how the hubby and I didn’t really check the weather before we got up here?  Just as we got a couple things primed, it started raining.  Just a few drops at first and then more …and more…and then downpour!  It was a little crazy and to be honest, I was freaking out a little on the inside, but I think I kept it together pretty well on the outside!  We brought everything into Debbie’s garage, but with the crazy amount of moisture in the air, the primer wasn’t drying quickly.  So Debbie graciously let us take over her dining room so we could keep things moving.

Lowe's Spring Bathroom Makeover

The result of all our hard work was a cottage-style bathroom oasis for mommy & daughter!  Since we weren’t updating the tile (time restraints, mostly), I made sure my color scheme was not only calming, but also would compliment what was already there.  The wall color is Comfort Gray by Sherwin Williams (how cool is it that Lowe’s carries their colors now?!) and pretty much everything else is white (Pure White by SW, to be specific).  Debbie wanted a few girly touches with a little bit of bling thrown in, too.  This part was a little challenging for me at first because I don’t really “do” girly!  After a little bit of brainstorming, I went with chrome and mercury glass touches around the room for the bling and added soft pink (salmon?) towels and pink faux foliage to add just a touch of femininity.  And of course, a ruffly shower curtain and rug to finish it off.

Lowe's Spring Bathroom Makeover Lowe's Spring Bathroom Makeover Lowe's Spring Bathroom Makeover Lowe's Spring Bathroom Makeover Lowe's Spring Bathroom Makeover Lowe's Spring Bathroom Makeover Lowe's Spring Bathroom Makeover

I was getting a little stressed (and loopy) toward the end of our project because I wasn’t sure we’d be able to pull it all off in time, but we did and I’m so happy with the end result.  And Debbie was, too!  As she looked around the room, she started tearing up…and of course that made me start getting all teary-eyed!  It was such a great experience!  It made me so happy to be able to make someone else that happy just by doing what I love!  It was a huge moment for me!

Lowe's Spring Bathroom Makeover Lowe's Spring Bathroom Makeover Lowe's Spring Bathroom Makeover Lowe's Spring Bathroom Makeover Lowe's Spring Bathroom Makeover

I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity Lowe’s gave me to work on this project!  I got to meet some awesome Lowe’s volunteers, spent time with a gracious and insanely hospitable homeowner (and her sweet daughter), and grew my passion for interior design even more!

PS – want this look for yourself?  Here’s a list of all the goods I used from Lowe’s (click each one to see more details) …

Paint colors – Comfort Gray (walls) & Pure White (board & batten, trim, wall cabinet, & vanity base) – both Sherwin Williams colors

Vanity base (painted white)

Vanity top


Light fixture

Wall cabinet (painted white)

Board & batten – we used all pine, unprimed boards.  1×6 boards and quarter round for the baseboard, 1×3 for the uprights/verticals, 1×4 for the top board, 1×2 for the cap, and cove moulding under the cap.

Thank you so much for taking this little journey with me!  Be sure to leave any questions or comments below!

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  1. says

    WOW, Allison! What a beautiful after! I love the wall color and the board and batten totally transforms the space! You did such a great job! Debbie and her daughter are so lucky to have had you guys! xo

  2. Anne Anderson says

    Allison, every detail is simply exquisite and lovely! And ultra-feminine. Love all the clean white crispness!

  3. Trudy in Red Deer says

    Great job. I am curious if the toilet was replaced as it looks really nice in the space. Was it existing or a new model from Lowes?

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