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I can’t even believe it!  I’m finally sharing our guest bathroom reveal!  After how many months and months of working on it, it’s actually done!  To refresh your memory, our guest bathroom is in the basement.  It started out as a half bath (that was so scary, I wouldn’t even use it), but after a couple years of living here, we decided to upgrade it to a full bath.

Beautiful guest bathroom with whites, greens, and blues -

Here are a couple before shots.  The bathroom was so tiny before.  There was barely room to sit on the toilet and close the door.  Tiny, I tell ya!

old basement bathroom - before

old basement bathroom - before

To get started, we totally gutted the bathroom.  We tore down all the walls on that side of the basement and then got to work putting it back together.  (We did a mini makeover shortly after we moved in, thus the reason the toilet and vanity are different.  Same bathroom, I promise!)

Basement demo

total basement bathroom remodel from

And this is what we have now!

Sliding door on basement bathroom -

I want to address the sliding door real quick.  I know it wouldn’t be everyone’s choice to put a sliding door on a bathroom. The biggest reasons we chose to are that it’s in the basement and it’s the guest bathroom – both of which mean it doesn’t get used that often and therefore doesn’t need a ton of privacy.  Also, we don’t have a lot of room in the basement, so this was a great way to save some space.  We’ll still use it when we’re down there now that the rest of the basement is almost finished, but we’re okay with a little less privacy among the four of us.  We did add a lock/latch on the wall that you can see near the vanity.  That way no one can open the door while you’re in there!

Blue, white, and green cottage bathroom -

Cottage style bathroom with rustic, vintage touches -

We have two recessed lights and one window in the bathroom.  It’s kind of more of a “light box”.  There’s a glass block window and some shut off valves to pipes back there that we needed to have access to.  They weren’t so pretty to look at, so my super smart hubby thought up this solution.  He built the three sides and then the front is basically a framed piece of plexiglass that we frosted so we’d still get the light, but wouldn’t be able to see the ugliness behind it.  The front has a piano hinge and two latches on it and can be pulled down if those latches are released.  It’s the perfect solution for us to still get some daylight in the room, be able to access the shut off valves, and not have to see the ugliness of all that stuff!

Crisp, clean bathroom with vintage touches -

Crisp, clean bathroom remodel -

This pallet wood towel hanger is one of my favorite parts of the bathroom.  It actually started out as wall art upstairs, but we repurposed it into a towel rack when we brought it down here.  Just a few hooks and the towels were ready for their new home!  I love the rustic touch it adds to the room.  PS – you can see the tutorial for the framed pallet boards here.

Clever way to hang bathroom towels - framed old pallet boards -

Cottage style bathroom remodel -

Clever bathroom towel storage idea - framed old pallet boards -

Here’s a shot with just the hooks …

Clever way to hang bathroom towels - framed old pallet boards -

… and with towels.

Clever way to hang towels - framed old pallet boards -

I really enjoyed putting this bathroom together.  It was fun designing it and getting to choose all the finishes from scratch.  It honestly feels so nice to finally be able to look at these pictures!  We’ve done so much work to this basement – including the bathroom.  It makes me so happy to finally have it done and be able to use it.  And our overnight guests have a place to shower downstairs since the guest room is also down there.

Dark green bathroom vanity with vintage mirror above -

We’re just around the corner from having the rest of the basement done and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!  It really is making me love our home so much better!

*   *   *  

Here’s a list of sources for the bathroom.  I think I got to everything, but if you have questions, be sure to let me know!

Wall color – Mountain Air by Sherwin Williams

Trim & door color – Pure White by Sherwin Williams

Sliding door – DIY – see tutorial here

Flooring – white mosaic hexagon tile from Lowe’s

Vanity – Ikea (but I painted it green) – more info here

Faucet – Delta Cassity in chrome from Home Depot

Wooden mirror – flea market

Toilet paper basket – TJ Maxx

Plants – Ikea

Hand towel hanger – Hobby Lobby

Hand towel – Ikea (kitchen towel)

Shelf – Ikea (I painted the shelf with chalk paint and the brackets with a sample of SW Urbane Bronze)

Pallet bath towel hanger – DIY – see tutorial here

Bath towels – Target

Shower curtain – Target

Subway tile – white subway tile from Lowe’s

Rug – Ikea

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  1. says

    Hi Allison, Your guest bath turned out beautiful! Love the pallet wood towel rack and vanity. All your hard work really paid off!
    Thanks for the inspiration,
    Pieced Pastimes

  2. Ardith says

    Allison, you and your husband did a fantastic job transforming this bathroom. Your house guests will feel very welcome. Cheers, Ardith

  3. says

    Looks awesome, Allison! I’m actually in the planning stages for a bathroom reno, and I just bought white subway tiles for the shower and was scoping out hexagon floor tiles – so now I’ll be heading to Lowes for sure. If I’m lucky, hopefully my bathroom will look half as good as yours!

  4. says

    This is definitely modish Alison! I loved the design. There’s this nature vibe in there with the green and brown colors. We’re renovating our bathroom and I’ve added this to my pocket. Thanks for this inspiration. I hope we’ll be able to pull this off!

  5. says

    Allison – I have been following you for a while, but this is my first time commenting. Who knew a basement bathroom could be so light and bright and cheerful!? I love the mix of warm wood and cool white and airy blues. Great job! The end result seems like it was worth the wait! Cheers – Jen

  6. says

    It looks fantastic! I have that same sink/vanity and I love how it looks painted. There’s still a big void underneath it bc the tile went right up to the old vanity. Lol. You’ve inspired me to get moving on my bathroom. The framed pallet wood is now on my list too. Pinned!

  7. Amanda says

    What type of trim did you use to finish off the tile at the top. We are still trying to figure out what to use to fill the space between where the tile ends and the ceiling.

    Your space looks great!

    • Allison @ The Golden Sycamore says

      We used cove moulding, Amanda. It was pre-primed, and then I painted it with trim paint. I think it finishes off the space nicely!

  8. Lisa Murphy says

    Allison – I came across your blog recently and love it! As a new, first time homeowner I am trying out a lot of DIY things and love this towel rack idea. My question is, how did you hand it on the wall? Did you use sire, bolt it directly into the wall, have hanging attachments on the back? Can’t wait to hear what you did with it!


    • Allison @ The Golden Sycamore says

      We used wire, Lisa. I can’t remember exactly how the wire is attached to the boards, but I know we used wire and then hung it off a gorilla hook thing. Hope that helps!

  9. says

    Thanks for the article.

    I take some showers with something like that on the photo. And always i pray for a fast and painless death if there was something wrong with the mounting. :)

  10. says

    Hey Allison,

    Great Website! I am especially impressed by the HQ bathroom images you used.. bookmarked your site and i am gonna read some of your post later..


  11. Wilfred Weihe says

    Wow, I love this DIY project walkthroughs. You did a great job on this one… Are you interior decorator or just crafty? 😉


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