Rustic Office Nook Progress

Our basement office nook is finally coming together!  It’s starting to feel like a real space and I couldn’t be more excited!  The latest progress is the addition of the built in desk and shelves.  Oh, and the wall is still blue, but it’s a bit darker now.  I’ll get to that!

Small office nook tucked next to stairs with butcher block desk and plank wall

My husband gets most of the credit for the desk and shelves.  I think we came up with the general idea together way back when we were starting to plan the space, but when it came time to design it, he was all over it!

At first, we were planning to use the same Ikea countertop that we used for our industrial side table, but my husband got to Ikea and found out that the oak butcher block is no longer solid wood.  We didn’t want that, so we went with the beech butcher block instead.  Only problem is that we were hoping to match the desk to the shelves since we did have enough leftover butcher block from the table.  After a bit of testing, though, we came up with a stain combination that worked great on both pieces (and the oak “backsplash”) to make it all look cohesive.  I think it turned out pretty well!  And I love the way the beech took the stain.  It’s so rustic looking!

Stained Ikea butcher block desk in small office

Using the most of a small space with butcher block desk and shelves built in to small nook by stairway

Oh, and remember how I said the blue wall is darker?  I added hemp oil to it to seal it which really made the color darker and richer.  It’s actually the look I was going for in the first place.  I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier!

Rustic basement small office nook

Creating a pretty command center in small office nook by stairway

Rustic office nook with stained butcher block desk and blue painted plank wall

Rustic office nook - vintage clock and books on butcher block desk

Rustic office organization The cords and extra electronics are hidden under the desk now, too.  I love that I’m not kicking cords all the time anymore!

How to hide cords under a desk

And my extra printer, paper, and Silhouette, are right at my fingertips instead of across the room in the closet.  This way I can still easily access them even though they don’t fit on the desk.

Extra printers, paper, and gadgets tucked away under the desk to use when needed 

I really love how the basement is progressing, but we still have a lot to do.  These are the things we still have to complete in the basement:

Add wood cap to the stair half wall Completely redo the stairs – still haven’t made a decision on what we want to do there Stain stair railing Entertainment center (planning on making over a dresser) Sliding doors to close off the room Closet doors to hide all my stuff Baseboards and crown moulding for the entire room

Rustic office with butcher block desk and shelves and sliding barn style door

I think that’s it!  I know we still have a long way to go, but we are so much farther than when we started out!  I can’t wait to use this room on a regular basis!

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  1. says

    That little nook is the cutest cleanest office space ! I also actually dig that blue color, & not because my makeshift office is that color scheme hahah! Gorgeous & happy blogging in your new space !


  2. Anne Anderson says

    You and Travis are soooo blessed to have each other—you work so well together as a team! BTW, your office nook looks great, and I love the plaid throw.


    I love your color choices and the painted trusses brighten it up.

    I have my office in a transitioned pantry closet in the kitchen. I have a Container Store bungey cord chair with rollers that slide under the desk. Need a “scosh more” room to get the louvered door closed with the magnetic latch though…maybe a stronger magnet or two Love the ideas for the cord collection out of the way

    I enjoyed and look forward to more editions!

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