4th of July Decor

When I was growing up, we had a special set of traditions we did every year on the 4th of July.  It was always fun having a day to look forward to every year that I knew would be filled with family and lots of fun!

4th of July Decor - Home of the Brave chalkboard and lots of reds, whites, and blues

In the morning, my dad would hang a huge American flag off the front of our house.  We didn’t have a flagpole, so he hung it vertically off the Christmas light hooks on our house.

4th of July decor - independence day

Then we’d leave for the parade.  We picked up my grandma who had prime 4th of July real-estate.  She lived just down the road from the parade, so we’d park at her house and walk down to watch the parade together.

4th of July Decor - vintage red, white, and blue spools and clothespins

In the evening we’d head back over to my grandma’s house a few hours before the fireworks started.  Remember how I said she had prime 4th of July real-estate?  Well, the fireworks were set off in the park right by her house, so when it got dark, we’d set our lawn chairs out in the road in front of her house and watch the show!  We just had to make sure we got there before the firetruck blocked the road!  😉

Independence Day decor - red, white, and blue

It was always so fun being able to watch the fireworks from such a great view!  Until the tree in front of her house got bigger … then we had to move our chairs farther into the road!

Independence Day decor - red, white, and blue patriotic decor

After the fireworks, we still had one more thing to do to complete the day.  We headed over to my cousin’s house a few miles away to celebrate his birthday with our own store-bought fireworks and sparklers.

Independence Day decor - red, white, and blue plaid blanket

There may have even been an incident one year involving a police car and a smoke bomb, but we won’t get into that right now!

Independence Day decor - American flag and ribbon

The 4th has always held such a special place in my heart because it was always a fun day spent with family.

Independence Day decor - vintage spools and clothespins

Now that I have kids of my own, we’ve moved across the state, and my grandma has passed away, we don’t really have any traditions as a family.  Plus, my husband works almost every July 4th, so it’s hard to plan things we can do every year.  But we definitely do our best to find a parade somewhere and fireworks to watch.  I don’t ever feel like the 4th is complete with out those two events!

4th of July decor - Home of the Brave chalkboard and American flag

Do you have any special Independence Day traditions?

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  1. says

    Oh Allison I had much the same experience growing up…such amazing memories. I loved seeing your patriotic touches. The twine around the clothes pins is wonderful!

  2. says

    hi allison. living in a small town we still have the small town parades and firework displays so fortunately my kids experience what we did while growing up. maybe this year you can start your own traditions and if not on the 4th you can do the day before? Happy summer!

    • Allison @ The Golden Sycamore says

      That’s awesome, Laura! I guess I should look at it as an adventure that we’ll never know what we’re doing on the 4th, but we’ll make it special no matter what we do! :)

  3. says

    4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. We never did anything specific on that day, but I do remember some fun times with my cousins. Love your pretty decorations!

  4. says

    Such a fun story to hear about the way you celebrated the 4th with your family! Don’t you think family traditions are like glue… they hold us together and give us great memories. I love that you even have memories of some antics too! Really patriotic images… loved it all!

  5. says

    Loved reading about your July 4 memories! Sounds like you grew up in a town similar to the small town my sons were born in (Hillsdale, MI)–the 4th of July parade was a big-time event, and we just loved it! Then the fireworks display was the exclamation point on the day.

    Love your patriotic decor, especially the chalkboard! I’ve pinned this to my Independence Day board. Thanks for sharing!

    • Allison @ The Golden Sycamore says

      Wow, Richella! I grew up in Grandville, MI (and now live near Detroit)! Are you still in MI?

  6. says

    I love the chalkboard and patriotic details. We don’t have many July 4th traditions, but you make me want to start some of my own for my son to remember.

    Sharing on FB and pinning.

  7. says

    Allison, I loved your story about your grandmother and your childhood July 4th traditions. Your photographs are so creative and lovely and that chalkboard is awesome. Here’s hoping that you and your family find a special way to celebrate July 4th this year.

  8. says

    Traditions are so important but it seems that everyone moves away from family and it is difficult to continue. We would all get together — my husband had a big family and celebrate the entire day together. It was wonderful. I love your July decor — it is beautiful.

  9. JaneEllen says

    I don’t remember too much what we did as a family once we moved away from Cleveland when I was 10 yrs. old to Tucson. Took us awhile to get settled. When we lived in Cleveland all my Mom’s family came to our house as behind our back yard was a woods. My Dad had built a great swing, a fireplace and seats around some of the trees. Roasting spuds in fire, sparklers for all us kids (lots of them) and guess adults did their thing. Don’t know why I can’t remember after that.
    We used to take our kids to a big park in Tucson and to beach in San Diego when they were growing up to watch fireworks after it got dark. Had great days at beach for summer holidays.
    Your memories sound so nice, aren’t they great to bring back, tell your kids stories about your childhood?
    After our kids left home we’d get together with them, several of their friends at CO river north of Yuma, AZ at place called Fisher’s landing. Was lots of fun, went to bar/restaurant after fireworks for dancing. Lots of fun times and great memories. Now we live in CO where the river is about 2 miles south from our house. Not going to get in that water, levels are so high and water is really going fast, not safe. I’d rather go to state park lake 7 1/2 miles north from our house. We live about 18 miles west of Grand Junction,CO out in country. Our grown up kids with their families (only two of our kids live close by) have their own friends and things they like to do. Our two oldest live in San Diego area.
    Make some traditions and fun of your own with your family. Carry on making memories. Happy weekend

  10. says

    Hi Allison,
    I am getting ready to sand and prime my cabinets down so I can paint them, you used a chalk paint and I was wondering how are they holding up for you. Do they peal of chip, and did you paint right over the varnished finish on the cabinets? My cabinets have a matte finish but they definitely have a heavy finish that I am stressed about sanding and all the work involved.

    Just wondering if you can give me some tips.
    And the paintability of cabinets without sanding them down


    • Allison @ The Golden Sycamore says

      Hi Dore! We sanded all the cabinets and cabinet doors down. I know that the point of using chalk paint is not to sand, but we wanted to make sure it really, really stuck and that we wouldn’t have peeling or chipping. I believe we painted 3 coats and then did 2 coats of wax. They have held up beautifully and still look great! I’m so glad we painted them! I’m sure you could get away with not sanding your cabinets if you use chalk paint, we just wanted that extra “insurance”! Best wishes!

  11. says

    I just love this, Alison! I’m way late visiting from our tour last week, but we appreciate you joining us. The photos are terrific and I’m pinning today!

  12. stacy gray says

    Can u please tell me where you got the blue with white polka dots material wrapped around the bobbin? Fourth ohfJuly is my very favorite holiday….my mind kinda stays there all year round!


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