How to Love your Home

Last week I shared a bit about how I’ve been having a hard time being happy with what I have.  As a result, I’ve gotten a bit of design paralysis.  I know everyone has moments like these, but when I’m in the middle of them, I feel like I’m all alone.  And the worst person ever for not being happy with what I have.

I’ve got some pretty awesome readers and bloggy friends that helped me out of my little hole.  You all made me realize that I’m not alone and that it’s just a phase that will eventually pass.

How to Love your Home

And it currently is passing.  At least a little.  

This week I’ve been able to see my home in a different way.  I’m focusing on why I love it and why it feels like home to me.  Which no magazine or blog picture can give me.  

This is my home and I’m choosing to love it!

These are a few things I’ve recently realized that are helping me focus on the good in my home.

1. Keep it clean

This isn’t new to me.  I realize this every time I clean (which isn’t as often as it should be, I’ll admit!).  A clean home feels bigger.  It literally feels like you have more room.  Maybe because you aren’t tripping over shoes and toys anymore!  When your house is clean, your eye focuses on all your pretty things, too.  You’re no longer distracted by the mess.

Vintage secretary and airedale terrier

2.  Let the light in.

Natural light makes your home feel fresh and clean.  Even in the winter.  It’s so much more pleasing to the eye than lamps and overhead lights.  I try to keep the blinds and drapes open (and lights off) for as long as I can.  The minute the kids wake up, the blinds are opened.  It’s like my home is taking a deep breath of fresh air!

Be awesome today chalkboard art

 3.  Use pretty organization

I have had fun finding great hiding places for toys, jewelry, and accessories lately.  I have never loved the look of bins and boxes.  I’m okay with them in the basement, but I don’t want them in my living space.  

Look for empty drawers in your furniture pieces, covered display bowls, even pretty locker baskets around your home.  If they aren’t filled with anything – fill them!

We keep toys and instruments in our vintage secretary, my skimpy jewelry collection in a mercury glass trinket on my nightstand, and my scarves in a vintage locker basket.  It makes me smile every time I go to grab one of my hidden treasures knowing that they’re beautifully displayed and yet hidden at the same time!

Toy and kids instrument storage in secretary drawers

creative scarf storage in vintage locker basket 

4.  Only keep what you truly love.

Weed out the things that are just okay.  You’ll be happy when you walk into a room and see your favorite things – which are no longer hidden by your just-okay-things.  On a similar note, don’t overstuff your home.  Keep your home uncluttered.  Not every single square inch of floor and wall space needs to be covered.

I’m still working on this one, for sure!  I have a tendency to want something hung on every single wall and want rooms to be filled with furniture and accessories.  But then I see rooms that are less cluttered and they just feel so much happier to me.  They aren’t overstuffed and yet I love them.  So, I’m learning to let my most favorite pieces shine.  And I’ve noticed that I love them even more when I can see them!

Neutral bedroom with handmade diy blue nightstand

5.  If you want to make improvements to your home, start with the least expensive project that will give you the most impact.

You can love your home and still want to improve it at the same time.  That’s okay.  And totally natural.  Painting walls/trim, ripping up carpet to reveal hardwood floors, even replacing old, grungy vent covers can give your home a fresh look without costing a ton of money.

When you’re making improvements, don’t feel like you have to do everything at once.  If you start a project, finish it in a timely manner.  Don’t rip up your whole house and then get so exhausted that you can’t put it all back together.  Make the improvements that you can and see them through until the end.  Walking through a house filled with unfinished projects is stressful and can bring up resentment.  Not feelings you want associated with your home.

mercury glass jewelry storage

6.  Lastly, stop comparing your home to others!

I know, easier said than done!  But the more content you are with your own home, the happier you’ll be.  

I had an epiphany the other day.  It was a sad realization, but a true one.  I realized that, hypothetically, if I were to design a whole house and my neighbor designed their house the EXACT same way, I’d like theirs better – because it was theirs and not mine.  That’s called coveting.  And it’s not healthy.  I now try to remind myself of that epiphany and turn the focus back on myself and my home and all the blessings we’ve been given.

Be proud of your home and don’t covet what your neighbor has.  It’s all stuff in the end, isn’t it?

Pretty jewelry storage idea

Allison sig

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  1. says

    This was great, so full of ideas, and wisdom! It is really hard not to want what you neighbor has, and I love your epiphany, so true! And yes, in the end it is all stuff!

    But by the way, if you ever want to get rid of any stuff, I’ll take that very pretty mercury glass jewelry holder that you have on your night stand, very pretty!

  2. Kelly@ Thelilypadcottage says

    Love this post friend! Gorgeous pictures matched by an even better message! I needed this today, but I’m still gonna covet your gorgeous style just a little :)

    • Allison @ The Golden Sycamore says

      Lol! You’re so sweet! By the way, we are in need of a visit soon. Let’s figure something out!

  3. Anne Anderson says

    WOW! I love everything about it—most of all, how you’ve “tweaked” your perspective a bit, into greater appreciation and gratitude!

  4. says

    Oh Allison.. I do the SAME thing.. sometimes I am SO proud of how far we’ve come on a budget with this farmhouse (which was all wallpaper and funky colours when we moved in)… then other times I get the blues for a few reasons – I compare to other beautiful homes – big time, I get discouraged that we can’t invest in something like new cabinets or wood flooring (we have to be careful what we invest in for resale), and our money goes into fixing up the walls, paint, etc that I don’t have a lot of decor to work with. So when a room is finished it feels quite empty for a while until I go out and buy the decor and furnishing for it, which of course is turtle-paced! *SIGH*
    I think I have to agree with ALL of your tips. Lately during all of our reno chaos I have been purging and working on functional ways to organize and store things, it feels like a breath of fresh air – it makes it so much easier to see what you really need for function in your home, which creates flow, which creates less stress. 😉
    Okay well, now that I’ve written you a novel… haha, the point is – I hear you! But just look at how far you’ve come from when you first started out.
    Have a great day!

    • Allison @ The Golden Sycamore says

      I know the feeling, Brandi! Our house has very little architectural detail, so I think that’s why I feel the need to fill it with stuff so that you can’t see how boring it really is! 😉 It’s a constant battle!

  5. says

    These are great tips! I think it’s easy to miss how nice our homes our because we are in them all the time but I bet our friends come round and think our homes are a lot nicer than we think they are!

  6. says

    Seeing your pup brings a smile to my face! I had an Airedale growing up (Finnegan) and we lost him last year. Such wonderful dogs! I love this post and can totally relate. We currently rent a small two bedroom apartment and it’s far from being my dream home. We didn’t plan on being here long so I didn’t put much effort into decorating. I definitely struggle loving our tiny home. These tips are so great though and a great reminder :)

    • Allison @ The Golden Sycamore says

      So sorry about your loss, Breanna! I love our Airedale, Bailey, but she certainly is a handful! :) Take care!

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