Miniature Evergreen Christmas Centerpiece

So, I was setting up my Christmas tablescape today (I know, it’s way too early!) and the middle of the table was looking a little bare.  

I think now is the time to point out that I have never put a “tablescape” together for any holiday and was a little freaked out at first.  I actually had to look at some pictures on Pinterest to figure out what even had to go on the table!  Haha!  Wow, now that I write that, it sounds pretty sad.  We’ve always been very simple diners, so we just toss the plates on the table and start eating!  :)

Miniature Evergreen Christmas Centerpiece

Anywho … I realized I needed a centerpiece and since I already kind of had this project in mind, I was able to throw it together on the fly.  It helps that it’s super easy to do, too!

I started with this miniature evergreen from Michael’s that just so happens to be 40% off this week!

How to Make a Miniature Evergreen Christmas Centerpiece

I wasn’t feeling the red bow, so first thing I did was snip that off!  Then I grabbed my planter that I made this summer.  I took everything out except a couple grocery bags, plopped the tree in, and then snuggled some packing paper around it.

How to Make a Miniature Evergreen Christmas Centerpiece

The packing paper gave the edges a little more height so when I dropped my pinecones in, they peeked out the top a little.

Once the tree and pinecones were in place, I decided it needed a little “something”, so I grabbed some bling.  I got a couple of these fancy fillers from Lowe’s.  Can I just say how great their Christmas stuff is this year?!  They are spot on!  

How to Make a Miniature Evergreen Christmas Centerpiece

I stuck the stem down in behind the evergreen and then just started fluffing and filling in the empty space.  A few seconds later I had a cute little sparkly centerpiece!

Miniature Evergreen Christmas Centerpiece Miniature Evergreen Christmas Centerpiece

So, now I’m curious … do you go all out with your table decorations for the holidays or do you just do the basics and focus more on the food like I usually do?  

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  1. Marisa Franca says

    I normally focused on the food but since I’ve discovered all of you talented bloggers I am inspired to do more than put out a little color and candles. I’ve decided this year I will go all out and decorate the house AND table.

  2. says

    I’m focusing on the food, but I should be focusing on both I think. I love the leaf stem that you added to the tree, very nice! It is fun watching you put it all together, so very cute!

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