Milk Paint End Table in Dried Lavender

Sometimes I get stuck in a rut and forget to try new things.  This week I was inspired by a fellow MMSMP retailer to step out of the box and try something different.  She made a good point, which I’ve heard plenty of times before, but just needed to hear again.  She reminded me that it’s just paint and if you don’t like how a new technique turns out, just paint over it!  You have nothing to lose but a little paint and time.  You have a whole LOT to gain when you find a new technique that you love!

And that’s what happened with this piece!

Milk Paint End Table in Dried Lavender #mmsmilkpaint #driedlavender Milk Paint End Table in Dried Lavender #mmsmilkpaint #driedlavender

This piece has been about 50 colors, but ended up with Dried Lavender as its topcoat!  I tried and tried to give it a smooth, clean finish, but it just wasn’t having it.  It wanted more dimension and texture!

Milk Paint End Table in Dried Lavender #mmsmilkpaint #driedlavender Milk Paint End Table in Dried Lavender #mmsmilkpaint #driedlavender

Yesterday I posted about how I was able to rescue this piece after I had gone a little too far with antiquing wax.  I’m so glad I was able to save it after all that work.

Milk Paint End Table in Dried Lavender #mmsmilkpaint #driedlavender Milk Paint End Table in Dried Lavender #mmsmilkpaint #driedlavender

On a side note…before I started my blog, I had a very small outdoor photography business.  I put my outdoor photography on the back burner when I had my first daughter because it was just too hard to try to drive around looking for places to shoot with a baby in my backseat!  Anyway, I’ve been thinking about my old photos a lot lately and keep asking myself if I should get back into it.  I wouldn’t do if full time or anything…I’d just have to start bringing my camera with me everywhere I go!  😉  

This photo in the frame is one of my old photos.  It’s kind of difficult to see, but it’s a sepia photo of a field of wild flowers.

I’ll share some more of my old stuff (and hopefully some new ones, too) when I have a chance!

Milk Paint End Table in Dried Lavender #mmsmilkpaint #driedlavender

Have a great weekend!

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    Love this little table! And I really love the texture achieved! And there really is a lot to say about beautiful pictures on your blog… now I know why you were one-step ahead than most who first start out! Your pictures have always been beautiful and I think your outdoor ones are so pretty and artistic!

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