DIY Pallet Art Display and My Simple Fall Decor

Alright!  I’m officially ready for fall!  And I’m so glad it’s finally here.  Well, kinda!  Today it’s cold and rainy, but it sounds like later in the week it will be warmer.  Isn’t it funny how the changing season kind of prep us instead of just throw us into the next one?

We’ve had a couple pallets sitting in our driveway since early this summer and I thought it was time to do something with them before the snow starts flying.  You know that’s not far off, right?!

DIY Pallet Art Display

Since we also have lots of furniture and random accessories in our basement, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone.  I took this large mirror that we weren’t using and a pallet to create a funky, semi-junky art display for our living room.

DIY Mirror to Pallet Art Display

This project is pretty simple if you have the right tools.  My husband and I disassembled the pallet using this method.  It was super fast and easy!  Then my husband ripped the boards down (which means to cut lengthwise) with our Dewalt table saw so that the edges were a bit more uniform.  See how they’re quite wavy in the picture above?  We didn’t want them to be perfectly straight, but the waves weren’t working for us, so we just straightened them out a bit.

We then popped out the nail heads on each board and cut them with our Dewalt compound miter saw so that they’d fit in the mirror frame.  After all the boards were cut, I mixed up some soapy water and bleach and scrubbed each board front and back and then rinsed them off.  I might be a little paranoid, but the boards smelled a little and I didn’t want any gross bacteria or anything in our home, so I figured better safe than sorry.  And thankfully, the smell was gone once the boards dried!

We took the backing off the mirror, took the mirror out and put it away for safe keeping (ya know, in case I want to use it for some random diy project in the future) and then I painted the frame with a couple coats of Chalk Paint® in Pure White.  I didn’t even wax the frame because I was feeling lazy!

After the frame was painted, we attached the boards using a nail gun at an angle so the nails wouldn’t pop out the front.  Then we used a drill to attach a couple screws to the back, wrapped some frame wire around them and then across the back, screwed them in a little further, and then hung it using some picture hangers.  They look like these, but I’m not sure what “strength” ours are. DIY Mirror to Pallet Art Display

So, it kind of sounds like a lot of work, but it’s really not that difficult, I promise.  And once you’re done, you have a fun way to display art, holiday decorations, and much more!

Since everyone is pulling out their fall decor, I thought I’d start there.  I wanted to change things up a bit for this display, so I didn’t use traditional fall colors or decorations.

Simple Fall Decor

I went super simple with this display.  Just a simple banner, some (fake) wheat in a little jar, and simple statement.  fall.

Simple Fall Decor

I think the simple decorations really let the beauty and richness of the wood show through.

Simple Fall Decor

Wait.  Did I just say that pallet wood was rich and beautiful?  Some may beg to differ, but I actually think it’s really pretty…in a rustic sort of way!

Simple Fall Decor

Simple Fall Decor

This display was a challenge for me because it’s surprisingly difficult to find decorations you can use vertically.  When you decorate a mantel or tabletop, you at least have a place to prop decorations up.  It’s a whole different game trying to figure out what to do with vertical space.  I found that a manual staple gun with small staples and hot glue work wonders, though.  I think they will be my close friends as I figure out different ways to use this display space.

Wheat Fall Decor

Simple Fall Decor

Simple Fall Decor

I’m loving the non-traditional colors of this display, but it certainly was hard to break from the norm.  I love fall and all the rich colors it brings, so not using them felt a little wrong.  :)

Simple Fall Decor

Simple Fall Decor

 What do you think?  Traditional fall decor?  Or is it okay to step out of the box every now and then?

Want to see more fall decor?  Check out last year’s “mantel” here.

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  1. says

    Once again Alli you have finished an amazing project and I am so proud of you, you work miracles! So cool and looks great in your living room, love it!!!! It will be fun watching you transform it from season to season. Great job!

  2. Anne Anderson says

    Love it! It is both simple and beautiful. And it goes perfectly with the decor of your living room. Frankly, I find the non-traditional autumn colors to be a refreshing change!

  3. says

    I love everything about this~ #1- It’s an original! I’ve never seen anything like it! #2- It will work year round with a few easy changes! #3- It’s just simple and elegant! …so glad I found your blog! :)

  4. says

    This is so cool! I love that it creates an easy way to switch up your wall décor without worrying about putting a bunch of holes in the wall. I can’t wait to make one of these when I get my hands on some pallets. Any suggestions on where to score free pallets? Your projects are awesome!

  5. Katie says

    I love this! I’m thinking about making something like this with a nice quote for my brother and his fiancé. Thanks for the inspiration!

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