Artissimo Nightstand with a Modern Twist

Last week I shared with you that I am now selling Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint!  I’m so excited about this new venture and can’t wait to play more with all the products.  I want to try everything right now!  It’s all so fun!  I’ve been busy getting more acquainted with the lovely colors and finishes and since I am kind of obsessed with navy right now, I decided to start with Artissimo.

Artissimo Nightstand with Old White Detail

This is how the nightstand looked before I painted it.  We actually had two identical nightstands that we had used in our bedroom, but were now sitting in the basement.  One of them had really bad peeling on the top from water damage, but the other one was just fine.  I sanded the tops of both to get rid of the peeling and to make sure I wouldn’t get any chipping on the other one.

Nightstand Before

I gave both nightstands two coats of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in Artissimo and let them fully dry.  Then I got out my ruler, pencil, and Frog Tape and made my design.  I wanted a little bit of a modern touch, so I made a geometric design.  Once the tape was laid out and firmly pressed down, I painted the design with two coats of Chalk Paint® in Old White.

Use Frog Tape to Make Design

I finished both pieces with MMSMP hemp oil.  I applied it to each piece, let it sit for about 30 minutes, and then wiped off the excess.

Artissimo Nightstand with Old White Detail Artissimo Nightstand with Old White Detail

The hemp oil is the key to getting such a beautiful, deep navy color.  If you look at the picture with the taped design, you can see that the paint color is quite a bit lighter than the finished piece.  The hemp oil really soaks in and deepens the color.  It is just gorgeous!  I think I’m in love!

Artissimo Nightstand with Old White Detail Artissimo Nightstand with Old White Detail

So, remember how I said there were two nightstands?  Well, I’m loving these guys so much that I think I’m going to keep one for our home!  I just can’t handle giving them both up!  :)

Artissimo Nightstand with Old White Detail Purple Hydrangea Artissimo Nightstand with Old White Detail

Along with showing you a piece I paint with each MMS milk paint color, I’m also going to make these samples up for you to give you an idea of the different looks you can get with each finish.

I’m a perfectionist so I try to get the colors as close to real life as possible, but it’s impossible to get it just right.  So, while I do my best to represent the color, remember the color will vary a little.  Hopefully these will give you an idea of what finish to buy before you get started on your next project!

Artissimo Finishes #mmsmilkpaint #artissimo

Like I said, I LOVE how the hemp oil transforms this color.  BUT…I think that white wax is SO COOL!!  It totally looks like a pair of worn jeans!  I’m really excited about trying that look on a piece soon!

See ALL of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint colors and finishes HERE!

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  1. Anne Anderson says

    I love your finished project! It’s stylish and the color is so deep and rich-looking. I also like your lovely decorating touch with the ribbon-wrapped books and the little lilac jar!!!

    • Allison @ The Golden Sycamore says

      Thanks! It’s actually a hydrangea, but looking at it now, it does look like lilacs! Oh well! Pretty either way! :)

  2. says

    WOW Allison! I’m obsessed with that color! It’s soooo pretty! I love what you did with the white geo design on top. Another gorgeous project :)

  3. says

    Gorgeous! I love how you showed the different waxes at the end. I recently took Marian’s class at Haven and love that I tried all those different waxes. They make SUCH a huge difference!
    Jamie @

  4. Kathryn B says

    I was in Grand Rapids last week visiting family and went by your shop. I loved the twin head and foot board, but couldn’t figure out how I would get it home, your items in the shop were great!

  5. Brynn says

    I’m going to paint my first piece very soon with Artissimo. I love how yours turned out. Did you use the bonding agent?

    • Allison @ The Golden Sycamore says

      I didn’t, Brynn. I was actually expecting it to chip more, but it didn’t. That’s part of the uniqueness of milk paint. It’s kind of random, but I totally love it! It is teaching me to give up control! LOL! 😉

  6. Annie says

    Hey Allison
    Love how this turned out. Your geometric design is so cute. And, I really appreciate how you illustrated the different effects of each finish. It looks like hemp oil darkens and enriches the colour. Wonderful! Just one question: how did you distress? did you use dry or wet sanding paper? I love the naturalness (if there is such a word) of the distressing. :)

    • Allison @ The Golden Sycamore says

      Thanks so much, Annie! I distressed the piece with (dry) sand paper before applying the hemp oil. That’s before I knew you could distress after you apply it. If you want to go that route, apply the hemp oil, wipe off any excess (like dripping, puddles, etc.) then sand the whole piece – and distress where you want to. It will give your piece a nice butter finish and you can distress it all while you sand. I am definitely trying it on a piece in the future! :)

  7. vera says

    Hello Allison,

    I love the nightstand. But im curious about this: Once you finalize with hemp oil shouldnt be the nightstand with a chippy look, i mean, with the paint flake out ? T thougt that the hemp oil makes always this look.
    Thanks. Vera

    • Allison @ The Golden Sycamore says

      Hi Vera! Hemp oil doesn’t necessarily result in a chippy look. You can get a chippy look if you apply it as a resist and paint over it. But you can also use it as a top coat to seal the paint which is what I did on the nightstand. Since I’m not painting over it, the hemp oil will seal the paint rather than make it chip. I hope that makes sense!

  8. Mary Ann says

    Love how the hemp oil darkens the Artissimo! I’m getting ready to do a small bedside chest in this color, but I’ve never used the hemp oil. Can you please tell me what you applied it with (brush, rag, etc.)? And what grade of sandpaper? Is this what Marion calls wet-sanding? Sounds like it’s how you “buff” the finish, is that right? (I always have lots of questions…)
    I’m so excited for this rich color, and really appreciate seeing a completed project AND the finish samples, thanks so much!!!

    • Allison @ The Golden Sycamore says

      I believe I used a brush and then wiped off the excess with a rag, but applying with a rag is fine, too. It doesn’t really matter what you use. Well, except if you do use a rag at any point, make sure it’s similar in color to your paint. Don’t use a white rag over artissimo or you’ll have a bunch of white lint specks all over! You can either sand before applying the hemp oil or after, it gives about the same effect. Probably somewhere between 200 and 400 grit sand paper. Hope that helps! :)

  9. Marcia Ranahan says

    Thank you for putting the different finishes up! That was so helpful – I am painting a table with this color right now and wasn’t sure what to use. Could you do that with some of the other MMS colors?

  10. Catharina says

    Hi! I noticed that the color of the stand before you painted it is very light. Did you add more water to achieve this look and then used hemp oil to darken or did you just use the recommended amount of water? Artissimo looks like a darker pigment in powder form. Love the color. Thanks!

    • Allison @ The Golden Sycamore says

      I didn’t do anything special to get that color, Catharina. I was actually surprised that it was so light when I painted it, but the hemp oil darkened it a lot. I painted again with Artissimo another time and it was quite a bit darker. It might have been the piece I was painting or the pigments in the paint were a tad different. It should turn out a pretty navy with furniture wax or hemp oil – the oil will make it a little darker. Hope that helps!

  11. Melissa Nolan says

    I love the nightstand! And thank you so much for showing what the finishes do! I was super excited to try milk paint but was confused by the different finishing products. Now I get what they each do. Really cool! Thanks!

  12. Kristy Miazga says

    Thanks so much for all the great tips and tricks! I am ready to redo our bedroom set and our nightstands are the same as this one but more of a cherry brown. I’ve tested the atissimo on another small table that turned out real nice.
    Did you use the bonding agent? And if so, how much and when did you mix it in? TIA

    • Allison @ The Golden Sycamore says

      I didn’t use bonding agent because the wood was pretty dry, Kristy. If you sand your piece(s) well first, you may not need bonding agent. If you do decide to use it, use about as much (or a little more) as the amount of water you use to mix your paint with. So, if you use 1/2 cup of water with your paint, then add 1/2 cup bonding agent to the mixed paint. Hope that helps! Happy painting!

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