A Day at the Flea Market with The Lily Pad Cottage

Over Memorial Day weekend I got to spend time with one of my favorite bloggers, Kelly, from The Lily Pad Cottage.  Kelly and I met a few times back in high school and reconnected when we found each other’s blogs online several months ago.

It was so fun finally getting to spend some time with her after “knowing” her all these years!

. . .

Kelly is posting her take on our flea market adventure today, too, so be sure to stop over to her blog and check it out!

The Golden Sycamore: A Day at the Flea Market

Kelly and I arrived at the Allegan Antiques Market and immediately got to work.  We were both in search of treasures…but neither of us really had anything specific in mind.  So, we just jumped right in and started searching.

The market has about 400 vendors, so we had our work cut out for us!

There were vendors selling all kinds of fun items.  Each one had their own unique style.

The Golden Sycamore: A Day at the Flea Market The Golden Sycamore: A Day at the Flea Market

We found this cool cabinet, but I had no idea what it was used for.  Enter my fab Facebook readers!  I posted this picture on my FB page asking if anyone knew what it was.  My awesome readers informed me that it was an antique spool cabinet.

The Golden Sycamore: A Day at the Flea Market

The cabinet was marked at $195.  I thought that was pretty expensive, but then one of my FB readers posted a link to Ebay where people are selling them for around $1,000.  Wow!  I should have picked that baby up and turned around and sold it for a profit!  😉

. . .

I unfortunately didn’t bring much cash with me, so I couldn’t buy that cabinet, or much else.  Actually, it was probably a good thing that I didn’t bring much cash or I would have spent it all!  :)

This table was my first purchase.  I love the shape and cute little details of it.  I think it would be so cute painted a pretty pastel color and put in a child’s room!

The Golden Sycamore: A Day at the Flea Market

I found these yardsticks that I just couldn’t live without.  I’m not exactly sure what I’ll use them for, but I have lots of ideas running through my head!

The Golden Sycamore: A Day at the Flea Market

I am not really a license plate kinda girl, but I love this vintage Michigan plate.  I love the color, but the “Water Wonderland” is what really caught my eye!  I love unique pieces like that!

And the crate was only a few bucks!  I know it’s a little junky, but I plan on giving it a little makeover, so stay tuned for that!

The Golden Sycamore: A Day at the Flea Market

Speaking of which, I’ll be giving that crate a little summer twist, just in time for the Summer Celebration Series!  I’m so excited to be a part of this fun series with such amazing bloggers!

Make sure to follow all of these blogs so you don’t miss out on any of the eleven days of summer projects.  The fun starts on June 9th!

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Tuesday, June 19th– Kelly at The Lilypad Cottage

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    Thank you Allison and Kelly both for your great write up and comments. I am glad you enjoyed yourself at the Antique Show. We hope to see you next season starting in April. Sincerely, the Wood Family.

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