DIY Painted Stripe Curtains and Distressed Pipe Curtain Rod

Could that title be any longer?  :)  I wanted to get both of these projects into one post so bear with me okay?

Our master bedroom is one of the last rooms in the house that needed to be updated and I’m so happy we’re finally able to make it into the sanctuary we deserve.

The first step was painting the walls and trim and now we’re on to adding more personality to the room.  We started with our curtain situation – or lack there of!

We had some cheap-o curtains that didn’t even go all the way down to the floor when we bought the house.  Once we painted the room, we took them down because we couldn’t stand to put them back up!

Enter our fabulous new curtains!

The Golden Sycamore: DIY Painted Stripe Curtains

We got these cool Kee-Klamp fittings and pipe from Simplified Building Concepts for our project.  I had never seen fittings like these and when I saw them, I knew they would be perfect to use for our bedroom curtain rod!

And the people at Simplified Building Concepts are so great to work with.  I gave them my dimensions and the overall look I was going for and they helped me pick out just what I needed for my project!

The supplies come “raw”, just like any plumbing supplies, but we distressed them to give them this great worn look.

Aren’t they so cool?!

The Golden Sycamore: DIY Distressed Pipe Curtain Rod

Here’s what the rod looked like before we distressed it.  And that’s my hubby getting all “suited up”!  😉

The Golden Sycamore: Distressed Curtain Rod

We distressed all of the pipe and fittings using the same procedure we did when we built our industrial side table.  You can find that tutorial {here}.

The Golden Sycamore: Distressed Curtain Rod

Like I noted in my first aging tutorial, this project is a bit of a process and can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing and aren’t careful.  PLEASE do not attempt this unless you feel very confident in your abilities.  Please be sure you take all safety precautions when using a power tool or dangerous chemicals or objects and read the instruction manuals before using them. We are not a trained professionals.  You can see my full disclosure {here}.

If you attempt this project, please do so outdoors or in very well ventilated area and keep a fire extinguisher close by as a fire could start quite easily.

The Golden Sycamore: Distressed Curtain Rod

Here is what the pipe starts to look like as you complete the distressing process.

The Golden Sycamore: Distressed Curtain Rod

I know it is kind of an intense process (and I honestly would have never done it myself), but it gives such a cool look!  I’m glad I have a husband that is a little crazy adventurous!  😉

*Update :  Since I’ve gotten some questions about this – here is a list of what we used for our project:

2 – rail supports – 70-5

2 – malleable plugs (3/4 inch) – 84-5

1 – 78 inch gator tubing 13 gauge (3/4 inch) – size 5

The Golden Sycamore: DIY Distressed Pipe Curtain Rod

The Golden Sycamore: DIY Distressed Pipe Curtain Rod

The Golden Sycamore: DIY Distressed Pipe Curtain Rod

The Golden Sycamore: DIY Distressed Pipe Curtain Rod

It really gives us that unique look that my husband and I love so much.  We like to play just outside of the box.  Not too far, but just enough to have a little fun!  😉

(You can see our living room curtain rods that we also used Kee-Klamp fittings and pipes for here)

. . .

Now onto the curtains!

I didn’t want to spend a fortune on my curtains, but knew I wanted something geometric, so I decided I could just paint them.  A few weeks ago I asked my Facebook fans if they thought striped or chevron curtains were still in fashion and most of them said yes!  I thought the stripes would be much easier to do than chevron, so that’s what I chose. The Golden Sycamore: DIY Painted Stripe Curtains

It took about two days to complete the curtains since I had to wait while they dried in between coats, but honestly, it was a pretty easy project.  Here’s how I did it.


1. Merete curtains from IKEA

2. Iron

3. Ruler and pencil

4. Painters tape

5. Mod Podge and foam paint brush

6. Flat latex paint and paint roller

How to:

Iron panel and then lay it out on a large flat surface.  We had a couple folding tables in the basement, so I used those.

Decide how wide you want your stripes to be and measure them out on your panel and mark with a pencil.

The Golden Sycamore: DIY Painted Stripe Curtains

Using painters tape, tape off your stripes.

The Golden Sycamore: DIY Painted Stripe Curtains

Apply a quick coat of Mod Podge along the edges of the tape that you’ll be painting.  This will help keep the paint from bleeding.

The Golden Sycamore: DIY Painted Stripe Curtains

Let the Mod Podge dry for 15-20 minutes and then start painting.  I used just a basic flat interior latex paint in Martha Stewart’s Wrought Iron.  And I painted two coats since I was using such a dark color.

The Golden Sycamore: DIY Painted Stripe Curtains

Once you’re all done painting, let paint dry thoroughly and then hang your curtains.

The Golden Sycamore: DIY Painted Stripe Curtains

I hemmed mine using the fabric-fusing webbing that comes with the curtains and an iron.

I love how they pool on the floor just a little bit.

The Golden Sycamore: DIY Painted Stripe Curtains

The Golden Sycamore: DIY Painted Stripe Curtains

The curtains have really added a lot of personality to our small room.  And oddly, they make the room feel bigger.  I think part of that comes from mounting the curtain rod so high.  It really makes the room feel taller!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!  I have lots of fun events planned while my hubby works!  Poor thing!  But we need the money, so while he makes it, I’ll be out spending it!  Haha!  I crack myself up!  😉

Take care friends!

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Disclosure: I was given product in exchange for writing this post.  All opinions and love of Kee-Klamp fittings are my own.

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  1. says

    Your curtains turned out so cute! Using Mod Podge over the painters tape is so smart! I’m hoping to make some cute curtains to help keep the costs down so I’m pinning it. Stopping by from Tatertots and Jello. Have a great weekend!

  2. says

    Allison, I love the stripes! And your cool curtain rods…well don’t even get me started. Beautifully just outside the box…I agree that’s a whole lot of fun.
    I’ll take your advice and stay away from the flame 😉 Oh and thanks for the awesome tip on using Mod tip to keep the paint from running. Pinning!

  3. says

    I love them!! The hardware you made is super cool and the curtains looks really amazing. I think I might have to try this soon for my living room. The stripes were a gorgeous classic choice. Thanks for the tutorial- I will definitely remember that mod podge tip!!

  4. says

    These turned out gorgeous!!! I’ve wanted to try this with some old curtains I have but have been putting it off. Again, you and your hubby are so handy with chemicals and a blowtorch-something I will definitely NOT be trying 😉

  5. says

    I LOVE the distressed look of the pipe, what a genius idea! The tutorial on the curtains is so straight forward that I feel confident in pulling it off now – plus they turned out amazing! Have a great weekend!

  6. Joni says

    Love the curtains!! Did you take the tape off right after you painted or wait until the paint was dry?

  7. says

    I have these same curtains in my bedroom! I was just looking at them the other day and thinking ‘what can I do to give those puppies some personality?’. I love your striped curtains and that curtain rod is fabulous!!

  8. says….I LOVE your curtains!! I’ve been wanting to try sprucing up some curtains with paint, but was terrified to try. Thanks for inspiring me!

  9. says

    they look great! i just got finished sewing some striped curtain panels because i didn’t like the way the painted ones turned out! i looove the curtain rod:)

  10. says

    WOW, talk about serendipity… I was at my “shop” today (in a crafter’s mall) and trying to come up with a clever way display things. I was thinking I could hang up some sort of rods to hang things from, but I needed something really different and cool to use for a rod. And here you are. LOVE IT!! Thanks so much for sharing.

    And your curtains are awesome, Too!!

  11. Pamela Rempel says

    Wow these are gorgeous! I was wondering how long you waited in between coats? Also how have these held up to washing? Are they super crunchy and stiff from the paint? Thanks!!

    • Allison @ The Golden Sycamore says

      Thanks Pamela! I can’t remember how long I waited between coats – probably just until the previous coat was dry. Also, I didn’t put textile medium in the paint, so I wouldn’t wash them. I’m pretty sure the paint would run if I did! Oh, and they are a bit stiff, but not “crunchy”. :)

  12. Mysha says

    Do you know how long the pipe can span before you have to add an extra support? I am looking for something that can span 150″. The opening is 144, but we will need a few more inches for hanging I think.

  13. Justin says

    I’ve viewed the tutorial link you posted but how did your husband soak the long lengths of pipe? Was he able to brush on the muriatic acid or is a long trough needed?

    • Allison @ The Golden Sycamore says

      He didn’t soak that pipe because that one wasn’t galvanized. The soaking removes the galvanization, so to speak, so we could skip that step on that rod.

  14. The DIY Homegirl says

    Hello! I featured your tutorial in my blog series, Living in a White Box. My series features tips, inspiration, and ideas for how to decorate rental homes. Your distressed pipe curtain rod is a perfect way to create unique and cheap window decor, so I featured it in my latest post.

    If you like, you can grab a featured button and check out my post at Living in a White Box: Mini-Blind Madness. Thanks for sharing your amazing creativity!

  15. Pam says

    I love your bedroom! I am planning to use a similar color scheme for my living room. Can you tell me what color you painted your walls? And do you paint on the side of/over the glue or on the opposite side? Excuse my ignorance! :-)

  16. says

    Could you tell me how wide you made the stripes? I love the way your curtains turned out. I am wanting to paint some, but unsure how wide I should make the stripes. My curtains are 95 inches long.

  17. Michelle says

    These are great! I’m about to do the same project, but I’m afraid of the end result being too stiff. What do you think? We’re you happy with yours? Would it be worth it to look into a fabric medium to help?

    • Allison @ The Golden Sycamore says

      My curtains are definitely stiff, Michelle. I don’t really care because no one feels them, but if you want something softer, fabric medium may help.

  18. Ang says

    How wide are your stripes? I am making a shower curtain since I want mine to hang from ceiling to floor and they don’t make shower curtains in that length.

  19. Kathryn says

    Hi there,

    Can you tell me the name of the type of Kee Klamp fitting that you used? I looked at the website, but had trouble spotting the exact type. Thanks!

    • Allison @ The Golden Sycamore says

      Hi Kathryn! Here is what I used – 2 – rail supports – 70-5, 2 – malleable plugs (3/4 inch) – 84-5, 1 – 78 inch gator tubing 13 gauge (3/4 inch) – size 5
      Hope that helps! :)

  20. Jenell says

    Yes, I would also like to know which fitting you used for the rod supports. Was it the #70 Rail Supports?
    Thank you!!

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