Knock Off Industrial Side Table

Last week my bloggy friend Liz at Liz Marie Blog let me share this project with her readers.  I love Liz’s blog and her style is just amazing!  I’m so grateful she was willing to let me hijack her blog for the day!  😉  If you don’t know Liz’s blog, be sure to check it out {here} – you’ll be glad you did!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago on my blog, I’m really into the industrial look right now.  I seriously can’t get enough of it!  While I was playing around online the other day showing my husband all these cool industrial tables, he got an idea in his head.  Why not build one ourselves?  One thing led to another and now we have our own custom industrial end table for our living room!

The Golden Sycamore: Knock Off Industrial Side Table

Here’s a picture of our inspiration table.  We loved it, but at $695, we thought why not just try to build it ourselves and see what we could come up with.

308 Vintage Industrial Shelf111


We are SO pleased with the result!  Although this was no cheap DIY (it cost nearly $300), it was definitely less expensive than buying the original table, we got to do a fun project together, and it is custom made just for us!

The Golden Sycamore: Knock Off Industrial Side Table

The Golden Sycamore: Knock Off Industrial Side Table

I cut out numbers on my Silhouette Cameo, traced them, and then colored them in with metallic craft paint.  When the paint was dry, I distressed them to give a more aged look to keep in line with the rest of the piece.

The Golden Sycamore: Knock Off Industrial Side Table

The Golden Sycamore: Knock Off Industrial Side Table

We didn’t end up using casters because we couldn’t find any that we loved and we really liked the look without them once we put it all together.

The Golden Sycamore: Knock Off Industrial Side Table

I’ll go into more detail in my tutorial (coming soon!), but we used IKEA’s NUMERAR oak butcher block and distressed galvanized plumbing supplies to get the look of the inspiration table.

**UPDATE:  You can find the complete tutorial for this table {here}.

The Golden Sycamore: Knock Off Industrial Side Table

Now we have the perfect end table for our living room.  It has special meaning to us and is the perfect size since we got to build it to our own specifications.

The Golden Sycamore: Knock Off Industrial Side Table

Thanks for taking a peek at my new end table!  Like I said, I’ll be sharing more details on how we built it soon!  Hope you check it out!

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  1. says

    I LOVE this!!! Honestly, I was thinking that it was such a great idea that you didn’t use casters! Can you imagine how dangerous that would be with a baby who is starting to pull up on everything? I LOVE your version much better!!

    • Allison says

      Thanks so much, Claire! I hadn’t thought of the tipping over factor, but that’s such a great point! Makes me even happier we didn’t go with the casters!

    • Allison says

      Thanks Reeves! So glad you like it! (And I LOVE your style, by the way! I am always excited to see what you’ll do next!)

    • Allison says

      Thanks Colette! We got the plumbing supplies from Lowe’s and then we “aged” them. I’ll have a post up soon about how we did that!

  2. says

    That turned out beautifully! I actually have some numerar counter scraps in my garage that we were planning to use as cutting boards. but they’re SO heavy; I might have to find a furniture project for them instead–gread idea!

  3. says

    Love your table. I think it’s great without the casters. Great job creating something functional and beautiful. Visiting from TT and Jello link party.
    Susan @ Rustic ReDiscovered

    • Allison says

      Thanks so much, Susan! I’m really glad we ended up going without the casters. I’m really happy with it! Glad you like it, too!

  4. says

    So many project I want to do and now I’ve got another!! Trying to find things I (or hubs) can get out adult son with autism interested in doing, build job skills, maybe find a new passion he can use in employment. I love IKEA butcherblock. It’s in my kitchen and craft room (with glass on top). Be pinning this. And I can find you easily that way. I can only subscribe to so many and I’m over the top now :-). Gotta have time to do sometthing.

  5. says

    Beautiful table and I really like yours better. I don’t think I’d want casters on it. Yours looks more stationary. You all did an exquisite job.

  6. says

    Hi Allison! Beautiful job! My Hubby and I are building 2 Industrial desks for our son, this post is very helpful in our design process! Congrats on being posted in Dwelling Gawker too BTW, you must be over the moon!

    ~Laurie @ Vin’yet Etc.

  7. says

    What a cute table. I love the industrial look too. I may have to run to Habitat Restore to see if they have any pipes laying around.

  8. says

    Found you through the Savy Southern Style link party! Your table looks KILLER. I especially love the numbered stencil. I tried making a similar table and mine was a major fail. Major. You’re making me want to give it another shot!

  9. says

    It’s beautiful! You did such a great job!
    My husband just built industrial looking shelving for our living room and they look great just like your side table! I can’t wait to share them on my blog.

  10. says

    Oh, wow, Allison! That is gorgeous! I love every detail – those fantastic legs, charming numbers. Great job! I’m including a link back in this week’s highlights. 😉 Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. says

    I love this table!!! I’ve been wanting to make something like this as a console table for our kitchen. Thanks for the inspiration! ~ Angie

  12. Mary Kay says

    I love looking at diy ‘knock offs’ and comparing the two. When I was comparing your table to the inspiration table, I thought your table was nice, but I favored the original…then…I realized I had the two tables mixed up. Your table is much more attractive than the ‘source’ table, hands down. Your photo and décor confused me, it too is much nicer than the source…KUDOS to you and the MR!

  13. Jennifer says

    This is super cute and I plan making 2 these as bedside tables. However these can be made much cheaper with pine wood and achieve the same look. If I were making a kitchen island then I would use butcher block. Glad I found your blog!

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