Nursery Progress : DIY Crib Skirt and Lazy Mitered Corner Hem

My husband and I are expecting our second child at the beginning of April and we’ve been working on getting the nursery together for his or her arrival (we won’t know the gender until it’s born!).  A couple weeks ago I showed you the baby’s changing table makeover and I’ve been stuffing it full of baby stuff ever since!
When we started working on the nursery we pulled out our daughter’s old, gender neutral crib bedding, but I just wasn’t feelin’ it anymore.  I wanted something new for the room.  I ran into a snag when I couldn’t find anything that was both affordable and the style I was looking for.  So I got to work on piecing together our own bedding.  I bought a couple gray and white fitted sheets from Target (same look as Pottery Barn Kids, but way cheaper) and made the crib skirt myself.
I bought this cute fabric for the crib skirt from JoAnn Fabric.  I usually let my husband help me pick out home stuff because, well, it’s his house too, and we both reached for this fabric at the same time.  Right then I knew it was the one!
As much as I hate sewing, er, sewing hates ME, I’m so happy I stuck with it and gave the crib a custom look without having to spend the big bucks!  Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make your own crib skirt.
First measure and cut out your fabric pieces.  I only cut out pieces for the sides and front since the back of the crib is pushed up against the wall.  Measure the inside width of the crib (from leg to leg) and add two inches for seam allowances.  Then measure from the top of the crib spring to the floor and, again, add two inches.  Cut your fabric.
Once your pieces are cut, fold over and pin the side edges at one inch and hem the sides.  
Now here comes my laziness showing through…
To do a lazy mitered corner, fold the corner of one side/bottom at a 45 degree angle and run a couple stitches down it.  Repeat on the other bottom corner.
Once you have those corners hemmed, turn up the bottom at one inch, just like the sides, pin, and run through the sewing machine.  And there you have it.  A nice, finished edge…the lazy way!  😉  By the way, it would probably be better to use a thread color that blends in a little better, but I hate changing the thread on the bobbin wanted to make sure you could see my beautiful stitches, so I just left it white!
Once all your panels are hemmed, it’s time to attach them to the crib spring frame.  Attach a few pieces of velcro backing to the spring frame along the sides and front of the crib.  Then measure out where you’ll need to put your velcro on your panels and attach.  I used velcro glue for both of these steps.  Your fabric should be just long enough to skim the floor while hanging from the crib spring frame.  While you’re at it, you can also add velcro pieces further down on your panels for when you move the mattress down.  I didn’t do that yet because I was too excited and just wanted to get my panels attached so I could see the finished project! 
Once your glue is dry, you get to attach your panels to the crib spring frame.  You can be done here, but I added a small extra step.  I didn’t like that the pieces had a little gap at the corners, so I just took a needle and thread and, while the pieces were attached to the spring, awkwardly threw a couple stitches in there to hold the corners together.  The stitches will have to be taken out and redone when we move the mattress down, but I’m okay with that.  I just wanted a quick fix to hold everything together. 
And there you have it, your crib skirt is now finished!  Take a step back and admire your work!
Like I said in the beginning, I’m really glad I did this little project.  I love how it turned out and I really love doing DIY projects.  Espeically when you can make a big impact for a small amount of money!
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  1. says

    Wow, it looks fabulous! I love the fabric you guys chose (what are the odds of that?)! I also love the length, my crib skirt is showing my lovely storage bins underneath and I don’t like that. Good luck with your baby!!

  2. says

    This is awesome! I love the fabric you chose, it’s so cute!! I need to learn how to sew ASAP. I had to order my crib skirt and it was either 2″ inches too short or 4″ too long. I just know I will cringe having to stare at it all the time at the wrong length!

    • Allison says

      Hi Kim! I bought 2 yards and had a little left over when I was done with this project. I was hoping to use the fabric in the other direction, but it wasn’t wide enough to fit the length of the crib, so I turned it sideways – if that makes sense!

    • Allison says

      Thanks Kris! I sure do wish there was a better selection out there! I guess I’ll just have to keep making things until there is! 😉

  3. says

    Oooh, great tutorial. I can’t wait to do this. I love the high end nursery linens out there but who can afford them?!

    Question for you. What is your nursery paint color? I am thinking of painting our kid’s room a yellow (I have a boy and girl who will be sharing soon) and I can’t find one I absolutely love. TIA!

    • Allison says

      Thanks Hannah! The color is Ambitious Amber by Sherwin Williams. I really like it in the daytime, but it looks different when it’s dark out and we have to turn the light on. I’m super picky, though, so maybe it’s just me! (Hubby seems to not have a problem with it!)

    • Allison @ The Golden Sycamore says

      Yep! Or just take it off altogether like we did because I was too lazy to do more velcro! 😉

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