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My husband and I were lucky enough to both have parents that saved practically all of our childhood books, so we have tons…like, probably over one hundred!  When we started redoing our daughter’s room, I knew I wanted to add some wall mounted bookshelves for all of her (our!) books, so I started looking around Pinterest for ideas.

I finally found these Pottery Barn knockoff bookshelves that I fell in love with (complete with tutorial) and asked my husband to make them for me!  He loved them and since he also loves working with his tools, he got straight to work.  He did alter the design a little from the inspiration, but they are still pretty close to it.

I’m not gonna lie.  These shelves have been done for months now.  I just haven’t shared them because of one very silly thing.  The lighting in my daughter’s room, and the nursery, is horrendous!  Each room has only one north-facing window in it and the light from that window casts some crazy hues onto the far wall (which is where these bookshelves are).  I HATE photographing those rooms, so I always put it off forever.  So…sorry for the delay in posting!

Our daughter loves that she can pick out her own books.  She picks out a different one every night for us to read to her (and usually sleeps with a pile of her favorites!)

I love the thought going in to which book to choose!  😉

She has a stool that sits under the shelves that she can use to get to the higher books until she’s tall enough.

I’m so glad my husband and I were able to work on this project together and share our favorite childhood books with our daughter.

I especially love the Berenstain Bears books, if you couldn’t tell!  😉  Do you have any favorite books from your childhood?  Did your parents save them for you?

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    Your shelves look great! I just finished making some that are like picture ledge shelves for our daughters reading nook. She loves them. We read like a dozen books every night now since she can see them all and pick them off the shelves. It’s so much fun creating special places like this for our kids isn’t it!?

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    These look great! I have been looking for bookshelves for my boys room.. and these would be perfect! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m your newest follower. :)

    Visiting from Lil Luna.

    ~Emily @ Texas Life Blog

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