DIY State Map Art and Striped Frame

I have a simple DIY project for you today!  I had fun making this project with the help of my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and my new Silhouette Cameo that I gifted myself with for Christmas!

DIY State Map Art

This project is actually two projects in one.  First we’ll work on the painted frame.

Pick up a frame from your local thrift store, yard sale, or even find one you have lying around the house that you’re not using anymore.  I found this frame for $2.99 at my local Goodwill.  (The price tag on the back was from World Market…for $24.99!  WOW!!)

Once you have a frame, take the glass and all the “insides” out and get to painting.  I painted this frame with two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Greek Blue.  (No need for sanding or priming if you are using Chalk Paint!)

Next, tape off stripes with painters tape and paint your accent color.  (The accent color I used was ASCP Paris Grey.)  After you’ve painted your stripes, pull the tape off…carefully.  I had a little bit of paint pull up with the tape, but I didn’t touch it up because I was going for a bit of a distressed look and I’m okay with it.  After you pull up the tape, distress with sandpaper if you wish.  If you do use Chalk Paint, make sure to wax the frame once you’re done painting.

DIY State Map Art

Measure the frame opening and then set it aside.

Open up your Silhouette program and purchase whatever state you want to use.  I bought this Michigan shape (because that’s where I live!) for $0.99 from the Silhouette online store.  Once you have your shape, re-size your image so that it will fit “comfortably” in your frame opening.

Then cut the image out on card stock.  Save the outline/stencil and toss the actual cut image (or use it for another project).

DIY State Map Art

Next, grab a canvas drop cloth and cut a square a couple inches larger than the opening of your frame.  Then tape your stencil to the drop cloth.

Grab some paint and a paint brush and pounce the paint onto the fabric.  Don’t load your paintbrush up too full, you can always add more…and do your best to stay in the lines!

DIY State Map ArtDIY State Map Art

Of course, I used ASCP for this part, too!  I just love it, what can I say?!  😉

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - The Golden Sycamore

Pull your stencil off and admire your work!

DIY State Map Art

Once the paint is dry, take your new design and fit it over the cardboard that was in your frame.  Glue it to the back of the cardboard to secure it.  If your frame didn’t come with any cardboard, you could use pressboard cut to size instead.  Place your artwork in your frame and staple the inside edge of the back of the frame to hold your artwork in.  (Sorry, I don’t have a picture of that part!)

My frame came with glass, but I tried it both ways and liked it better without the glass, so I didn’t use it.  I might find another use for it down the road.

DIY State Map Art

DIY State Map Art

Don’t worry.  If you’ve seen my winter mantel, I haven’t changed it.  I actually took these pictures before I updated the mantel!  :)

DIY State Map Art

DIY State Map Art

Have you ever done any “state map art” projects?  Apparently I love my state more than I thought since this is my second state map art project.  Check out my Distressed Map Wood Monogram if you want to see a little more Michigan goodness!

Take care friends!

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    • says

      You can only buy ASCP from her specific retailers (which can be found at – click on retailers). You can go to an actual store to buy it, or if you don’t find one close to you, you can always buy it through one of the retailers online. Another alternative would be to make your own chalk paint (tons of recipes online), but I’ve tried that twice and still like ASCP better. It distresses WAY better than the homemade stuff…in my opinion.
      Hope that helps!

  1. says

    Allison, I really love this! I think the tip for using a Goodwill frame is my favorite part, but the canvas drop cloth and the white paint are a close second. Very creative! So glad you shared this project with us. Have a great day!


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    This looks great. I love the striped frame. Your painted projects are lovely.
    Found you via Home Stories a to z and am a new follower. :)

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