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In the last few weeks we’ve started working on the nursery.  The baby isn’t due until April, but I don’t want to wait until the last minute and then have to be rushing to get things done.  I just want us to be able to take our time and enjoy the process. DIY Wood Plank Wall from We have three bedrooms in our house and we were using the third bedroom as an office ever since we moved in, but we recently moved the office to the basement so we could use the third bedroom for a nursery.  We hadn’t even touched this room design-wise since we moved in because we have been so busy working on the rest of the house.   The first thing we decided to tackle in the nursery is installing a wood plank wall.  I have been REALLY wanting to do a wood plank wall somewhere in our house and thought the baby’s room would be the perfect place for it.  It’s a tiny room that totally lacked character.  I thought this feature wall would brighten up the room (since we painted it white) and give the room a bit more interest.   Here is a quick overview of how we installed the wood plank wall treatment.   Supply list :   Quarter inch hardwood plywood – we used this product from Lowe’s Table saw Mitre saw Nail gun/nails Level Sanding block A penny and a nickel Pine lattice moulding Paint sprayer (or brush) Semigloss paint   We bought 3 sheets of 1/4 inch hardwood plywood.  The boards came in 4 foot by 8 foot sheets, so when we got them home, we quickly cut them on our table saw into 6 inch planks.  It wasn’t that difficult with two people, but would probably be hard if you tried to do this part on your own.   Since the boards were only 8 feet long and our wall is 9 feet wide, we decided to cut the boards with our mitre saw into shorter lengths and lay it out in a varied pattern kind of like how you would lay a hardwood floor.  (Sorry the pictures aren’t the best…we did most of the work after the sun went down.)

Since we didn’t want it to look to planned, we worked on one row at a time and decided on the length of the boards as we went.  The one thing we did plan is that we varied the rows by having three boards in one row and then only two in the next.  We repeated that over the whole wall.  I didn’t want too many seams by having every row have three boards, that’s why we did only two in every other row.   We made sure to lightly sand all the edges of each board as we went and attached the boards to the wall with a nail gun.  We used a penny to space the boards horizontally and a nickel to space them vertically.  We used a level along the way to make sure things didn’t get out of whack.  It actually went quite quickly.   And we made sure to let our daughter leave a little message for the new baby before we totally covered the wall up!  She really enjoyed the fact that we allowed her to draw on the walls for once! 

She sure had fun “helping” her daddy with this project.  I must admit, my husband did most of the labor of this project while I got to do the layout and design work!

Like I said, the whole process went pretty quickly!  I loved the wall when I saw all the boards up, but knew I’d love it even more once it was all painted!

This is the room totally ready for paint.  We used pine lattice moulding to trim out the top and sides of the wood wall.  We could have just caulked the edges, but we wanted a more finished look, so we decided to trim it out.  We also attached baseboard once we were done installing the wood planks.  We just nailed it straight to the boards.  Once we did all that and filled all the nail holes…and then sanded all the filled nail holes, it was time to paint!

My husband has a handy dandy paint sprayer that we’ve been using to paint our trim and doors throughout the house, so we used that to paint the trim and wood wall in the nursery.  It worked so quickly and easily.  He put a coat of primer on first and then painted it with two coats of Sherwin Williams Pure White semigloss paint.

And here’s the finished wall.

I am in love with how the wood wall turned out!  As you can see in the final photo, we’ve painted the rest of the room now, too.  I’ll share that and other details as we go.

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  1. Cara says

    Hi, love your room and congrats on your new addition. I would love to know what brand and model of paint sprayer you own. I have been wanting to get one and “you had me at, we spray our moldongs”. Lol

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