Refinishing our Hardwood Floors

Refinishing our hardwood floorsWe’re finally getting around to refinishing our hardwood floors since moving into our home about 3 and half years ago.  We ripped up the carpet in one bedroom the day we closed on the house.  The other two bedrooms had already been de-carpeted (not a real word!) previously, and then we ripped the carpet up in the living room a while after moving in.  I think it was within the first year.  We’ve been living with our hardwood floors ever since.  We absolutely love having hardwoods in our main living areas and are  Read More

DIY Wood Plank (Shiplap) Accent Wall

DIY wood plank accent wall - thegoldensycamore.comI’ve been struggling with our living room ever since we moved into our home three and a half years ago.  It’s a nice, big space, but that’s actually the problem.  I’ve noticed over the years that I’m more confident designing smaller spaces.  Wide open spaces like our living room are way more challenging to me.  And big blank walls are my nemesis!  This one has especially thrown me for a loop! While the hubs and I were watching tv one day, a solution for this crazy huge wall suddenly came to me!  What about doing  Read More

Guest Bathroom Reveal

Sliding door on basement bathroom - thegoldensycamore.comI can’t even believe it!  I’m finally sharing our guest bathroom reveal!  After how many months and months of working on it, it’s actually done!  To refresh your memory, our guest bathroom is in the basement.  It started out as a half bath (that was so scary, I wouldn’t even use it), but after a couple years of living here, we decided to upgrade it to a full bath. Here are a couple before shots.  The bathroom was so tiny before.  There was barely room to sit on the toilet and close the  Read More

Entryway and Living Room Happenings

Dried hydrangeas in entryway - thegoldensycamore.comWe’ve been working a lot in the basement lately, but I haven’t gotten around to taking pictures yet.  A lot of it is just tedious work like installing, filling nail holes in, priming, and painting baseboards.  Fun, right?!  Not the most exciting thing to post about.  But while I was walking through my living room today, the sunlight was just perfect, so I thought it would be good timing for a little update.  I absolutely love when the sun shines through our home.  It makes me fall in love with my home each and  Read More

Whole 30 Recap and Plans Moving Forward

healthy breakfast after Whole30Have you noticed I didn’t do a week 3 or 4 update for you guys?  Yeah, I kind of fell off the journaling wagon.  I stopped having a desire to journal on a daily basis.  Partly because this lifestyle starts becoming more normal by now.  Also because I felt like I needed it less and less.   The journaling really helped me through the first two weeks.  I needed it to get all my feelings out about what I was going through.  The last two weeks of the Whole30 were so much easier –  Read More

Industrial Pipe Shelving Unit

Industrial Pipe Shelving Unit - thegoldensycamore.comThis project came totally out of necessity.  I just added all the new MMS milk paint colors to my booth a couple weeks ago and they wouldn’t all fit in my current display.  And then the piece that had the extra paint on it sold that same day.  So I had to do something.  And fast!  On my way home that night I wracked my brain for ideas on how my husband and I could build something that would fit all the colors and while also fitting my style.  I’ve never been quite happy  Read More

The Gray End Table that Almost Didn’t Work Out

Updated gray end table - thegoldensycamore.comI’m back with another furniture makeover!  Remember when I said my husband and I had been cleaning out our basement?  Well, it’s helping me finally get to my painting projects, so expect a lot more from me in the coming weeks! This cute little end table gave me the runaround, though, I have to admit.  Sure, she’s cute now, but she wasn’t always that way! Here’s how the table started out.  I love the Hepplewhite style.  Even though it doesn’t have a lot of flashy detail, the lines are always so smooth and  Read More

Antique Repurposed Wash Stand to Small Dresser

Super chippy milk painted wash stand turned small end table dresserMy husband and I (mostly my husband) have been cleaning out and reorganizing the storage side of our basement and we’ve unearthed a whole pile of furniture I have yet to paint!  Yesterday we found this little wash stand and I thought it was the perfect piece to try some of Miss Mustard Seed’s new European milk paint colors on. Here’s how the wash stand-turned-dresser looked before.  I didn’t even notice the bottom handle wasn’t on straight until I took them all off!  And as I painted, I noticed that someone had attempted to  Read More

Whole30 Week Two Update

prepping baked chicken for the next few days - whole30I can’t believe week two has come to a close already!  This week definitely has gone way faster than last week.  Week one was really difficult and I felt like giving up now and then.  But this week was much easier.  Here’s how it went … Day 8 *  I feel great today!  I have lots of energy and I’m actually feeling like I could complete this crazy thing! *  I’m starting to realize how much better my stomach feels.  I’m not constantly running to the bathroom after I eat.  I feel fine  Read More

Whole30 Week One Update

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