Easy Kids’ Chalkboard Wall Art Idea

Kids' bedroom wall art ideaI’ve been working on my youngest daughter’s room little by little.  One thing you can probably tell about me and my decorating “style” is that I’m slow!  Haha!  I promise I mean that in a good way, though.  I just like to take my time, to be honest.  I don’t like rushing a bunch of decorations and “stuff” just to have it done.  That’s not my style.  I have a lot going on.  And frankly, I’d rather let a room evolve over time.  It makes it more meaningful to me! So, now we’re  Read More

Did You Know I’m a Mom?

Boxwood milk paint end tableI’ve had these pictures sitting in an unwritten blog post for days now waiting for me to write something fancy about them.  They wanted their 15 minutes of fame, and frankly, I don’t blame them.  But they’re not getting it today.  Well, they’re here to be seen, but not heard.  Not this time. I usually go through the whole “this is how long this piece has been sitting in my basement and then here’s how it looked before I painted it and here’s what it looks like now” thing with you guys, but I  Read More

Why Do I Keep Selling All My Favorite Furniture Makeovers?!

Trash to treasure repurposed gray dresserSeriously!  Why do I keep doing this?  I find these pieces, fix them up, and then I want to keep them!  I probably just need a bigger house, right?  I mean, I should totally be keeping all of these pieces for myself! Well, since you probably guessed that I didn’t keep this one (it sold at the Painted Farmgirl flea market), I’ll show you why I’m so sad it’s gone! This is how the dresser looked when my hubby and I picked it up off the side of the road.  We were (conveniently)  Read More

A Happy Accident – The Tale of a Closet Door Makeover

Urbane Bronze closet door updateSometimes you paint a room, move the closet door to another room while you paint around it, a dog chases a cat and runs into said closet door, knocks it to the floor, and a project is born!  No?  That’s never happened to you?!  Hmmm…maybe that’s not usually how projects are born!  But it’s exactly how this one started!  One day I decided to paint our daughter’s room.  It was bright gold/yellow (see pic below) from when she was a baby and I just couldn’t handle it anymore.  It was just so blaring-ly  Read More

Layla’s Mint Dresser & a Couple Things About Technique

Layla's Mint milk painted dresserThis piece starts out like so many others of mine.  I bought it over a year ago – possibly two – and it sat in my basement waiting for its makeover ever since!  I know, I have to get better about that!  I think especially with this piece, I loved the shape so much that it scared me.  I didn’t have a vision for it right away and I feared that I’d mess it up and not do this gorgeous piece justice and then be disappointed in myself.  Just keeping it real here,  Read More

Ethan Allen Sofa Makeover : Round 2

Ethan Allen cozy cottage sofa makeoverEvery now and then I have a piece that I transform that I don’t really love.  I can spot the good ones right away because inside I think “I want that to stay in my house forever”!  But not every piece makes me feel that way.  Sometimes I get done and think, “well, someone might like it”.  Ha!  Is that bad?  Really, though, someone else might like it a lot.  It’s just not my “thing”.  I treat these times as learning experiences and don’t let them get to me too much.  I’m constantly  Read More

A Cool Copper Lamp & What Happened to the Hutch

Milk painted buffet and chalkboard gallery wallIf you didn’t read yesterday’s post, you probably have no idea what this “hutch” thing is all about.  You see a picture of a buffet and a cool copper lamp and you don’t get what that crazy title is all about!  Well, if that’s you…go check out that post, okay?  Then you’ll be up to speed!  (wink!) Anyway…here’s the hutch…that’s now a buffet! Yesterday I told you about this crazy-beautiful piece’s tragic ending.  Except, thankfully, it wasn’t the end.  My hubby and I had that little glimmer of hope that this could actually  Read More

Why I Almost Cried Over This Vintage China Hutch!

Vintage china hutch makeover...with a happy/sad endingOkay, so I’ll let you know right away…this china hutch no longer exists.  It kinda makes me sad just looking at the pictures of it.  I sure loved this piece…I almost kept it for my own house.  But I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Here’s how this beauty started out.  I absolutely love the detail on the bottom.  It has such personality, don’t you think?  (PS – can you see my daughter’s messy hair reflection in the glass?!) This hutch was the first piece I worked on for the flea market.  It  Read More

2015 Painted Farmgirl Flea Market

2015 Painted Farmgirl Flea Market - The Golden Sycamore DisplayWow!  What a crazy weekend!  I’m finally sitting down to take a minute to share my very first flea market booth with you guys!  I honestly don’t know what has taken me so long to sign up for one of these, but I think I’m hooked!  Although it was a ton of work to get ready for…and I still have a lot to learn…it was such a great experience! This past weekend I got to be part of the Painted Farmgirl Flea Market!  I sell my furniture at Painted Farmgirl’s shop in Hudsonville, MI  Read More

The Dresser that Almost Won!

Gray and white cottage style tall painted dresser with bead boardOh man!  This was a beast of a piece to work on!  That title says it all!  I seriously almost let this guy win.  The dresser was a trash pick. My friend posted a picture of it on Facebook.  It was down the street from her on trash day and she just didn’t need another dresser in her life, so she thought she’d share the love and let her friends know it was out there!  I quickly showed my hubby the picture, we threw the trailer on the car and were off!  I  Read More