The Gray End Table that Almost Didn’t Work Out

Updated gray end table - thegoldensycamore.comI’m back with another furniture makeover!  Remember when I said my husband and I had been cleaning out our basement?  Well, it’s helping me finally get to my painting projects, so expect a lot more from me in the coming weeks! This cute little end table gave me the runaround, though, I have to admit.  Sure, she’s cute now, but she wasn’t always that way! Here’s how the table started out.  I love the Hepplewhite style.  Even though it doesn’t have a lot of flashy detail, the lines are always so smooth and  Read More

Antique Repurposed Wash Stand to Small Dresser

Super chippy milk painted wash stand turned small end table dresserMy husband and I (mostly my husband) have been cleaning out and reorganizing the storage side of our basement and we’ve unearthed a whole pile of furniture I have yet to paint!  Yesterday we found this little wash stand and I thought it was the perfect piece to try some of Miss Mustard Seed’s new European milk paint colors on. Here’s how the wash stand-turned-dresser looked before.  I didn’t even notice the bottom handle wasn’t on straight until I took them all off!  And as I painted, I noticed that someone had attempted to  Read More

Whole30 Week Two Update

prepping baked chicken for the next few days - whole30I can’t believe week two has come to a close already!  This week definitely has gone way faster than last week.  Week one was really difficult and I felt like giving up now and then.  But this week was much easier.  Here’s how it went … Day 8 *  I feel great today!  I have lots of energy and I’m actually feeling like I could complete this crazy thing! *  I’m starting to realize how much better my stomach feels.  I’m not constantly running to the bathroom after I eat.  I feel fine  Read More

Whole30 Week One Update

Grapeseed oil, witch hazel, and "It Starts with Food" Whole30 bookQ MKTM 7D GHFDFAS3U

Stair Update Progress

Stair update progressHi guys!  I thought I’d drop in and show you a little progress in our basement.  My husband just received his “special saw” on our doorstep for this project, so hopefully I’ll be back with the finished look very soon, but for now, here’s how far we’ve gotten. I have a hard time sharing posts like these because they’re not the final reveal and therefore don’t look “perfect”.  But since these stairs will take at least another week to complete – I thought I’d give you a little update. It’s funny, I really  Read More

Painted Dining Table … Finally!

Light blue milk painted dining table with metal chairsI’ve been unhappy with our dining table ever since we moved here three years ago.  We had a different table then, it was a pedestal table with a black base and light stained top.  The chairs were all black.  It worked for us, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  Then one day, my husband’s aunt and uncle gave us their old dining table.  It was gorgeous, but it still wasn’t quite us. The whole look was just too dark for us.  The table was dark (and scratched) and the chairs were dark.  It  Read More

My Constant Struggle with Food

My Struggle with FoodI’m shaking, I’m so angry!  As I sit here devouring a piece of cheesecake because that was the most delicious, convenient thing I could think to comfort me, I decided it’s time to finally write about my awesome food addiction.  No, it’s not awesome, but it’s there and calling it awesome makes me feel just a little better! Something happened to me about a half hour ago and it just totally pissed me off.  And my way of dealing with being pissed off – or happy, depressed, bored, scared, insecure – is to eat!  From  Read More

New Bed in the Master Bedroom

Black iron Ikea bed frame in rustic cottage bedroom - thegoldensycamore.comThis past weekend I got to spend a few hours with my friend, Liz Marie!  Did you know she moved back to Michigan?!  Well, I was on her side of the state this weekend for a family Christmas get together, so I made sure to carve out some time to see her!  Liz and I met through blogging and we finally got to meet in person at Haven last summer.  When we saw each other this weekend, it was like we picked up where we had left off 6 months ago!  Liz is  Read More

Flea Market Find – Updated Tufted Bench

Flea market find - tufted bench makeoverCan you even believe Christmas is almost here?!  I was just sitting here thinking how excited I am to watch my kids open their presents!  That’s always the best part for me!  We got to spend time with family and friends this weekend and it was just perfect.  We didn’t get to do much for Thanksgiving, so I’m really living up every second I can get with loved ones during the holidays! This past summer, I picked up this great bench at a local flea market.  It was a scorching hot day and  Read More

Emotional Growth Spurt

Winter entryway - thegoldensycamore.comYou know how when you’re a kid, you have these growth spurts? All of a sudden, you’re two inches taller. Out of no where. And maybe, just maybe, you’re suddenly just as tall as your two-and-a-half-year-older brother. And there’s a picture to prove it. But he still to this day denies you were anywhere close to his height! Because that wouldn’t be cool. Not at all! I think I’m going through a growth spurt right now.  Not the physical kind – thank goodness I won’t be growing again in my lifetime!  But the  Read More